The First Sexy Pics Of The PSP2

The PlayStation Portable 2, codenamed the NGP, is a sexy beast packed with touch controls, dual analogue sticks, a sexy OLED screen and built-in 3G.

And just look at it. You know you want to caress it. But you can't, not until later this year.

Until then stare... and stare.... and stare.


    Won't those mini analogue's get caught in your pants pocket?

      Are you even sure this can fit in your pocket. It's massive!

      Considering how large it is, it's unlikely you're even going to try and put it in there...

    Is it just me or is that first picture the most contrived pose you've ever seen?

      Just tried holding my PSP like that.
      Not a very comfortable way to hold something, especially without supporting it with your pinkie...

    I've got two words for you.

    Atari Lynx.

    Most advanced and powerful handheld at the time, but poor battery life and too big to pocket spelled its downfall.... Will the PSP2 suffer from the same?

    I can't believe that after the entire lifespan of the PSP, Sony still hasn't got any kind of covering/protection for the screen. They am crazies!

    Hopefully they decide to release it with some kind of hard case. That looks like an awkward thing to have in a pocket or bag.

      Ditto for the iPad...

    dayme thats smooth

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