The Flimsy Mass Effect 2 Instruction Manual, One Year Later

The 2011 PlayStation 3 version of Mass Effect 2 is superior to the 2010 Xbox 360 in many ways, but not in the way of the printed instruction manual.

Witness the further decline of the tree-slaughtering gaming manual and/or its digital rebirth.

Personal note: I played the Xbox 360 version of Mass Effect 2 and never once needed to page through its printed instruction manual. I doubt I'd use the PS3's digital one either. Neither is impressive.


    I'm not sure if this vid is supposed to be advocating or lambasting the decline of manuals... I mean who gives a shit?

    Bwahahaha! This video is GREAT (note: I watched it with the sound off).

    There's something to be said, not just of the decline of the manual, but the decline of the quality of what is WRITTEN in the manual.

    I don't know if anyone remembers (this is where I trot out examples of old games with really great and big manuals, that nobody else remembers) but Homeworld and Railroad Tycoon had huge manuals. I think Civ and others did, too, where they really broke down how to play and included STORY.

    Now? You're lucky to get a proper description of how to play the game, or how weapons stack up against each other ("Oooh, this one shoots bullets, this one shoots plasma... errr, what's the actual difference?").

    That one sheet PS3 manual is a disgrace to everyone involved in making the game and everyone else who loves the franchise.

      Hearts of Iron 3 has an absolute monster of a manual with it - somewhere around 200 pages or so. The PDF version is a lot easier to read.

      I'm going to sound all jaded and nostalgic, but I really do miss those sort of manuals. They had an incredible amount of backstory and incidental information about the game that showed some thought had been put into it.

      Modern manuals (*shakes fist*) skim over so much of the story and focus just on gameplay - even for games that ostensibly should focus more on background (Civ, RTS games, even RPGs).

      And yeah, HOI3 was awesome. Paradox are fantastic upholders of the gigantic forest-destroying manual. Love their games.

    That is depresssing but it isn't going to deter me from picking up my copy of ME2 ;)

    Big deal, I got my copy on Steam.

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