The History Of The House That Built Guild Wars

Guild Wars' developer started out with three former Blizzard employees working out of a spare bedroom. See how far they've come in this video retrospective celebrating 10 years of ArenaNet.

With the eagerly anticipated Guild Wars 2 on the horizon, ArenaNet could become bigger than it's three founders ever imaged. It's astonishing to think that this major operation was once just a small group of guys working out of a spare bedroom or an apartment in Seattle.

The lesson here? Follow your dreams, kids, and one day you'll be making large retrospective videos for the internet!


    Great watch. I say this everytime I see Guild Wars 2 pop up in news but I really do hope it lives up to its hype. I want an MMORPG to prove that you don't need silly subscription fees to do well.

    Video seems to be cut short...?

    Cool. So ArenaNet started out being a distant second to Blizzard and now are... still there. Oh well.

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