The Horror! Top 5 Worst Resident Evil Voice Acting Moments

Resident Evil was awful. Awesomely awful. And as part of Horror week, to celebrate how awesomely awful it is, we've selected some of our favourite terribad voice acting moments for your persual.

5. Chris's Blood...

4. "Found Anything Interesting?" "Just A Giant Disintegrating Snake!"

3. What A Mansion!

2. The Jill Sandwich

1. The Master Of Unlocking


    Am I the only one who doesn't 'get' why people always bring up the "master of unlocking" thing? :|

      Yes. Yes you are................

      Simply because it's just such a terrible line. It's like it was translated through an internet translator website and they just found some $2-an-hour actors to read the lines.

    -sigh- Its all about the gore, how much blood you can spill and jump scares now. God I love the Amnesia and the early Resident Evil & Silent Hill games.

    House of the Dead has worse voice acting. "Dont come!"

      Suffer like G did?

        It's like they're inviting me in!

        BAHAHA. At least they poked fun of it in Overkill "What does the f**king G stand for?"

      Yeah, you have a rock solid winner there, it has the wood on most other games out there I gotta say

      "I am Goldman. HA HA HA. Here's a present from me to you".

    i'm playing darkside chronicles at the moment and Claire keeps squealing like a little school girl in Racoon city!

    I'm so proud to say I didn't need to watch one of these vids because I played the game so many times I knew exactly what you were typing about!

    Alright, we get it, RE had bad voice acting... Don't need to bring it up all the time. I don't know how many times I've heard that 'master of unlocking' line.

    I knew the Master of Unlocking would be #1

    I really dont see that its such bad voice acting. some of jills lines are worse than barrys. but either way I am definitely biased. grew up a resident evil original fan. first ones my fav. fuck r.e. 5

    How is it that no one ever mentions a single Rebecca/Chris dialogue scene? *Rebecca treats Chris*

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