The IPhone's Most Popular Game Will Put Your Eye Out

Angry Birds didn't sweep the nation, it swept the whole damn world. The iOS game is popular enough to merit more than stuffed animals, a board game and an animated series. It's popular enough for a slingshot that you can shoot things with.

This Angry Birds catapult is from the folks behind the stuffed toys and was spotted by British site Electricpig at a toy fair. Out this summer, there was only one bird ball to shoot, but hopefully, there will be many, many more bird balls to shoot.

For those without iPhones, Androids and whatnot, Angry Birds is a physics based game involving catapulting round birds into structures the player hopes to topple.

Angry Birds: real catapult incoming! [Electric Pig]


    And also the worst game on the iPhone. A flimsy game with a paper-thin mechanic that should, by all rights, be a browser flash game.

    Seriously, what else HAS Rovio done besides milking it for every cent. Soon, the Angry Birds onslaught will subside and then the backlash will come, sure as clockwork.

      Wow, that certainly sounds more than a little bitter dude. I doubt it will subside any time soon, and if by backlash you mean the board game and upcoming movie/animated series yeah sure.

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