The Lord Is My Shepard

Chuloopa is a member of the ever-awesome Kotaku community - but he also creates t-shirts. Awesome t-shirts if his latest effort is anything to go by.

I actually loved this so much I bought one for myself. With my wife's credit card. Please don't kill me honey!

Chuloopa Overload Clothing


    It's impossible not to love Chuloopa. :)

      ... Unless your a Chuloopa Hating Robot (CHR-1000), whereby your main funtion is the act of hating Chuloopa...

      I'd hate them back if they weren't so adorable in their little robot overalls...

    Now we just have to get them on TV or out and about......
    I'm off to the US in a month and I WILL get this shirt on NBC Today!

      You totally need to be wearing it while behind Barrack, giving him the Bunny Ears!

      Just don't let those crazy religious fundamentalists get a hold of it...

        They'll be out in force waving their "God Hates Chuloopas" placards.

    we shall make this the most popular shirt in the world that should be the goal. they said a computer for every student i say a Chuloopa shirt for everyone

      Are you suggesting government funding?

      I like...

    well deserved buddy. keep going.

    Give me RDR and ill buy 20

      Buy 20 and with the commission i will buy you Red Dead Redemption! lol

        na na na man, do an RDR shirt.



      Ha! Good job mate. Now, where is a LittleBigPlanet one... :P

    Needs a wider range! That one shirt is awesome, but even if I have a bunch of colours, it's all the same shirt..

      As i've said before, but you probably;y didn't see it in the sea of TAY - it's my first shirt. i'll be working on more and have them released soon.

      So yeah, i wouldn't even call it a range at the moment. Just the one shirt in 2 cuts for me, and one cut for the ladies.

    As I said last night in M&M.. truly awesome job! And good luck Mark! Hope the wrath of your mrs isn't too bad ;)

      Maybe Mark should have bought one for her too?

      "look hunny, new clothes! It's impossible to be mad at me when i buy you clothes!"

    I can't believe you didn't give one to kotaku chuloopa after everything they have given to you ;)

      haha if they were already tangible in my hands i would be more than happy to give some away :)

    MIND BLOWN. Seriously, awesome work! :)

    Hope you make moar.

    thank you to the 4 people who have purchased one of the tees!
    Hopefully there will be more to come.

    Massive MASSIVE thank you to Mark for posting this on here - i'm so chuffed :D

    I'll definitely have to get some more up for you guys soon! :D

      5 now!
      Thanks so much for the support, everyone! :D

    Wow mate!! So impressed, not only that you seem to be grabbing a career for yourself in this mixed up world, bugger teaching, just do these! Get a special squeeze from miss loops from me ;)

      Huzzuh! She actually gave me a special squeeze!!!

      Unfortunately with a lack of a graphics tablet and/or any ability to draw/paint, i don't think i could quite make a career of it. But it will be nice for on the side :)

      Thanks mate :)

    Hi, I'm commander Shephard, and this is my favorite shirt on the interwebs!

    Awesome work, im picking one up now.

    Do more:P

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