The Most Disgusting Version Of Doom You’ll Ever See

The Most Disgusting Version Of Doom You’ll Ever See

This stop-motion video starts off innocently enough, but soon the cute Street Fighter homage and sneaker-based racing give way to a version of id Software’s classic Doom made entirely out of raw meat. Warning: Not safe for stomach.

I just saved a whole lot of money on lunch by watching this video. It’s the creation of Gnamspot, the team behind the 2009 stop-motion work that chronicled the history of video gaming using sauerkraut. You wanted more gibs? Oh the gibs they give. They give until it hurts.


  • Thats pretty great. Love the Outrun homage, complete with the guys tyre squeals “ehhhhhhhehhhhhhhhehhhh”. I couldn’t figure out what was going on in the Doom one though….

    • Nice suggestion Peter Richards! Indeed we had to add much blur to the sequence in postproduction. The raw footage is even harder to understand and is even more disgusting. We kept the meat under strong lights for about 13 hours to make that video! Just imagine the smell…

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