The Music Of Silent Hill: Downpour Sounds Familiar

The next Silent Hill won't feature the musical stylings of series mainstay Akira Yamaoka. Dexter composer Daniel Licht is filling the void in Silent Hill: Downpour... and doing a pretty good job of delivering the same musical vibe.

Konami has released a sample of Licht's contribution to Silent Hill: Downpour, about 90 seconds of moodiness, mandolin and dissonance. And, so far, it's good. Take a listen while re-reviewing the game's latest screen shots. The eighth major Silent Hill game is slated to come to the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 this autumn.


    I can imagine Dexter searching a house to the tune of this music, it's pretty cool!

    It doesn't send chills down my spine like Akira's.

    Hmm, I can feel that the mandolin playing brings back the Silent Hill tone, but overall it seems to fit. Unfortunately not as disturbing or as "dirty" as Yamaoka's music.

    I haven't seen Dexter but this music's rubbish. Sounds like chinese music with Turok drums added.

    Honestly... i'll reserve judgement till the game comes out =P

    It's all nice and well to judge by mashing the theme w/ various screenies but what really counts is if the music (or lack of =P) really helps w/ the mood of the game. Yamaoka was rather brilliant in knowing when to use the backing theme and when to rely on the "silence" of just sound effects to enhance the mood.

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