The New Wii Kirby Loses The Yarn But Keeps The Epic

Revealed during yesterday's Nintendo investor meeting in Japan, there's a new Kirby game headed to the Nintendo Wii, and this time around the pink puffball is a bit more substantial than he was in Kirby's Epic Yarn.

Another Kirby game due out in Japan a little over a year since the last? The strong critical and fan reaction to last year's Kirby's Epic Yarn must have really proved the power of the pink to someone at Nintendo.

The new, currently unnamed game looks to be a return to Kirby's classic side-scrolling, super power-sucking ways, which should surely please fans that were happy with Epic Yarn but felt it didn't capture the true essence of a traditional Kirby game.

Kirby. He sucks to be you.


    We haven't even got Epic Yarn yet and they're already making another Kirby game?

    Love it! I always liked the sidescrolling Kirby Games & Dreamcourse :). This will go on my to-buy-list for sure.

    that does look pritty epic

    Also yeah where is epic yarn, I wanted to be a firetruck :(

    Oh god that 1 up sound, it's been a long time Kirby.

    last year's epic yarn??? I only just preordered this year's epic yarn..... It's not released yet!?

    You guys complaining about us not getting games should really check out the import sites....

    Epic Yarn was a fun little distraction. Honestly though, the brain dead easiness of it (you LITERALLY could not die) really hit hard. I found myself getting really bored really quickly.

    I'm all for pretty games that are fun to play, but if it's not a challenge, why bother? only has the ntsc version. we need the pal version here in australia, which hasnt been released anywhere. Europe doesnt have it yet either.

    Ahh. This is more like it.

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