The Nintendo Download: Ghosts, Goblins, Cars And Catz

Just because I'm most excited about the release of the arcade version of Capcom's Ghosts 'N Goblins on the Virtual Console doesn't mean you won't find plenty to love in this week's Nintendo Download.

For instance, there's the arcade version of Ghosts' N Goblins, one of my favourite quarter munchers of all time. With Arthur appearing as a combatant in next month's Marvel Vs. Capcom 3, you owe it to yourself to see where it all began, don't you?

Oh wait, that's the same thing I mentioned up top, isn't it?

Well there's also Capcom's arcade shooter Exed Exes on the Virtual Console, and a DSiWare installment of Ubisoft's Catz franchise. WiiWare gets Jelly Car 2 from Disney, and an interesting little block smasher in Icon Games Entertainment's

Soccer Bashi.

Oh! And there's always the arcade version of Ghosts 'N Goblins. Did I mention that yet?

JellyCar 2 Publisher: Disney Interactive Studios Players: 1-2 ESRB Rating: E (Everyone) Price: 500 Wii Points Description: JellyCar 2, the hit driving platform game, is here and fully loaded with more than 30 levels, multiplayer action and much more. Play head-to-head or co-op in Multiplayer Flag, Gems and Tether modes. (Additional accessories are required for multiplayer modes and are sold separately.) Post high scores, best times and longest jumps in the Hall of Fame. With so much squishy goodness, you'll want to drive JellyCar 2 all around town.

Soccer Bashi Publisher: Icon Games Entertainment Players: 1-2 ESRB Rating: E (Everyone) – Mild Fantasy Violence Price: 500 Wii Points Description: Experience soccer of the future. Destroy the defender blocks and smash the ball into the goal to win, but watch for enemy defenders out to destroy you. A built-in game editor offers unlimited level design possibilities. Play through the 90 game levels over several different play modes, including Arcade and Customizable Tournaments.

Art of Balance (demo version) Publisher: Shin'en Multimedia Players: 1-2 ESRB Rating: E (Everyone) Price: 0 Wii Points; full version available for 800 Wii Points Description: Grab your Wii Remote™ controller and build a balanced stack in this physics-based puzzler. Enjoy 100 levels that challenge not only your skills but also your imagination. The game is easy to pick up and hard to put away. Play alone or invite a friend to grab a second Wii Remote (sold separately) and drop in at any time for co-op play. We even added a dedicated two-player split-screen "versus" mode for extra fun.

Note: Some demo versions do not support all game features, and players cannot save their in-game progress in demo versions.

GHOSTS'N GOBLINS Publisher: Capcom Players: 1-2 ESRB Rating: E (Everyone) – Mild Fantasy Violence Price: 800 Wii Points Description: GHOSTS'N GOBLINS is a classic game that packs a heavy punch (and lance). Experience the smash arcade hit from 1985 as you help Arthur defeat hordes of monsters in his attempt to rescue the princess. This is the first (and possibly only) game in which taking a hit can reduce you to your underwear.

EXED EXES Publisher: Capcom Players: 1-2 ESRB Rating: E (Everyone) – Mild Fantasy Violence Price: 800 Wii Points Description: A retro classic from Capcom's arcade lineup from 1985, EXED EXES is a vertically scrolling shooter that's sure to bring back fond memories. Dodge bullets, collect fruit and go for high scores in one of the most furious sci-fi insectoid shoot-'em-ups ever made.

Petz Catz Family Publisher: Ubisoft Players: 1 ESRB Rating: E (Everyone) – Comic Mischief Price: 800 Nintendo DSi Points Description: Care for and bond with a whole family of adorable cats. Play fun games with them, give them lots of love and watch them grow. Discover their unique talents and personalities and teach them fun tricks like running through obstacle courses and walking down the runway.

Surfacer+ Publisher: Lexis Numerique Players: 1 ESRB Rating: E (Everyone) Price: 500 Nintendo DSi Points Description: Surfacer+ is easy to pick up and has totally innovative game play that's suitable for all gamers – casual and hard-core alike. Fill the screen by producing white flowers with your stylus. Control the size of your flowers and use the bonuses at the right moment. Watch out for enemies who pounce from either side of the screen. Surfacer+ will test your skill, strategy and insight. How far will you go to cover the screen?

EJ Puzzles: Hooked Publisher: Electron Jump Players: 1 ESRB Rating: E (Everyone) Price: 500 Nintendo DSi Points Description: Can you catch all the fish? Take control of your fishing boat and search the waters for the freshest fish. Be careful to catch them in the right order. If you land a fish that's too big too soon, you'll break your line. The chef is waiting for your delivery, so get out there and catch all the fish you can. EJ Puzzles: Hooked is a brain teaser with a fishing theme. Search the waters with your fish scanner. If you find a fish you can't handle yet, mark its location with a marker buoy and come back later. Your goal is to catch all the fish on the map. There are many maps to play, and each map changes every time. Can you beat them all?


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