The PlayStation Phone, Torn Apart

Never mind that we've seen the PSPhone in action, Sony still hasn't officially confirmed the product's existence. Oh well. One Chinese website just apparently ripped the thing wide open.

Granted, since Sony hasn't yet confirmed the PSPhone, the product doesn't officially exist. This dissected product could be anything - a real honest-to-goodness PSPhone, even.

According to one Japanese report, the PSPhone is due for release next spring and is not to be confused with the rumoured PSP2. For more details on the PSPhone, check Kotaku's previous coverage.

Kotaku is following up with Sony and will update should the company comment.

Android_[全球首发] 索尼爱立信XperiaPlay/PSPhone拆机揭密 [Android中文网]


    I'm more ready for a PSP2. I thought the PSPhone looked cool, until I realised nobody would ever call me and I wouldn't help that by ignoring any calls I get while playing a game :(

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