The PSP 2 Revealed

The PSP2 is finally here. Sony revealed its brand new PlayStation Portable at an event in Tokyo today, giving us our first official look at the PlayStation maker's next bold foray into handheld gaming. Here are the first details.

Sony confirmed many of the features of the PSP2 that we've already heard in the form of leaks, rumour and speculation. The PSP2 features a high-resolution, touch-sensitive screen that's larger than the original PSP screen, tilt-sensitive SIXAXIS controls, dual analogue sticks, front and back-facing cameras, and a touch sensitive back panel.

The device features built-in WiFi and 3G wireless connectivity. Sony boasts that the new PlayStation Portable is as powerful as a PlayStation 3.

For now, Sony is officially calling the new PlayStation Portable by its codename, Next Generation Portable or NGP. It will be out this holiday.


    I just jizzed in my pants.

    that is UGLY!!!!

    Region free?

    "out this holiday"

    soooo . . .what does that mean?? like Easter? Mid year? Christmas?

    holiday means chirstmas because everyone is politically correct these days.

    Oh boy, motion controls in a handheld. What could possibly go wrong?

      The bowling game for iPhone is fun...

    Any word if it's using a proprietary OS or something a little more standard?

    Also - any card media or usb input?

    . . *sigh* . . . out this Christmas . . . lame.

    Looks like i'll definitely be getting the 3DS in the meantime.

    Ugly! But I want one!

    Wow, I did not expect to see it look like the original PSP style.

    I full expected it to slid or fold. Since one of the biggest pains with the original PSP is keeping the screen scratch free, especially as it doesn't exactly fit in a pocket like the PSP-Go.

    You can tell just from the blurry Uncharted screenshot that that thing definitely isn't as powerful as a PS3, graphics-wise.

      well realistically the game probably isn't finished yet

      and B) seeing as it's a new handheld much like with the PS3 stuff will look better as time goes by

    Why do I get the feeling the V2.0 of this hardware is going to be called PSPDimension and allow users to play games in 3D without glasses?

    Isn't it going to be a bit clumsy having an analogue nub right under the face buttons?

    And with a new physical media, there goes the chances of backwards compatibility...


    Pretty much everything that everyone wanted in the PSP is coming to this, plus so much more...

    Eh. I had to dig my PSP out from the bottom of a box it had been in for about a year when I wanted to play it for the AKB48 game. I won't be rushing to buy it.

    The only thing I'm concerned about is region coding. Virtually all my PSP games are Japan-only...

    looks like a very nice and very expensive piece of tech.

    As long as it's not launched with a ludicrous price it should do well here.

    Hmmm will there ever be a hand-held that supports vibration? For the DS when you often had one hand on the stylus, it wouldn't make sense for the unit to rumble (you might even lose your hold on it if you were only holding it with one hand), but this looks very robust and I think rumble would be a welcome addition to the "NGP"

      Oh and I say this with the fact that mobile phone games support vibration in mind. I guess this could back up my idea that Sony/Nintendo handhelds should feature rumble as well.

      Actually, the Original DS (And i guess DSlite by extension) had a rumble pack that went into the GBA slot and worked with some games:

    'As powerful as a PS3', i really, really doubt that, especially considering what the PS3 is capable of.

    If it really is that powerful, I'd expect it's battery life to be in the realm of about twelve seconds.

    Paint me doubtful ATM

      I'm with you on this one! ported to this unit from the PS3 will be considerably smaller (visually) because of the limited screen size and so texture size and model density can be a little less dense and complex as well as particle effects and such.
      So its its a little sneaky and underhanded to say "the new PlayStation Portable is as powerful as a PlayStation 3." but it's comparable once you take into account scaling.

    Does it use mini blu-ray for the games? :p

    The dual analogue sticks are a dumb idea imo. Sure they're cool for the games, but they'll stick out of your pants like a mutated shlong.
    And I swear Sony chucks in tech just for the sake of it. Touch sensitive back panel? Sixaxis controls? 3G? Seriously just concentrate on the damn thing playing awesome games and cut the production cost and pass it onto us.

      TO get awesome games ON the system they NEED to provide as much tech as they can to developers.

    DO WANT! especially if I get all the MGS games released to it:)

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