The PSP2 Is Like Your A Friends List In Your Pocket

The PSP2 - or, as it's being called temporarily, the Next Generation Portable - will as expected play nice with cellular data networks via a 3G connection. Here's what that means for your gaming.

Sony will be implementing a service alongside the new handheld called LiveArea, which in conjunction with an "app" called Near is able to detect at all times other PSP2 (or NGP) owners in your area. It'll show what people around you are playing, chat with NGP owners in the area, display rankings for games based on who's around, etc.

The picture above shows how LiveArea's user interface works, each "bubble" representing whatever a person in your vicinity is using.


    If a cute girl gets on a train and gets her NGP out. How many creepy messages will she get. I am thinking YouTube comments but by people sitting next to you!

      Cute girls playing NGPs on the train?! lol

      You'll find her body in a dumpster the morning after.

        There's already an App for that, to find your nearest dumpster.

        Trust Sony to imitate Apple.

    Pretty much implies multi-function whilst in game. I'm excited.

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