The Set-Up: Welbot's Figurines

Welcome to The Set-Up, where we throw the spotlight onto you guys and the cool stuff you have lying around in your home. The Set-Up can focus on anything: game collections, TV set-ups, retro consoles - anything! First up is Welbot, a celebrated Kotaku regular, with his substantial games collection and a whole host of terrifying figurines.

First up, here's a view of the massive Welbot 'toy shelf', or as he likes to call it - the 'sexy' toy shelf.

Yes! I love Naruto! And so does Welbot...

He has craploads of Hellraiser stuff. I thought this was supposed to be a sexy toy shelf!

Here is the humble WorkStation. Good to see you avoiding work by reading Kotaku!

All work and no play makes Welbot a man who enjoys gory movies like Hellraiser - and video games!

And this is where the magic happens... Oh! Hi Welbot's wife - didn't see you there!

And that's it for the first instalment of The Set-Up - if you have anything awesome that you want to show us, just me an email at this address.


    Soooo jealous of desktop setup, dont even get me started on the Lego and figures.
    Have much, MUCH work to do before i can send in mine.
    Can't quite make it out on my tiny screen but is LittleJJ playing M&M?

      also +1 for smokers
      Social Outcasts Untie!!!

    Nice set up in that last photo. Although I wonder what kind of movies he enjoys watching that require a box of tissues to be so conveniently located in front of the TV? :P I'm guessing a man with such a love of Hellraiser probably doesn't go for weepy chick-flicks... ;)

      Do you see any heaters there? no.. he burns chick flicks for warmth!

      perhaps he is partial to that 'other' type of movie that illicits bodily fluids.

      Dammit! Someone beat me to the tissues joke...

        Yep. You've got to get up pretty damn early in the morning to beat ME to a good masturbation joke.

          Well, you do know quite a lot about beating yourself (off).


    lol At the receiver stand there welbot.. I remember I had that same issue when I got my first one, never thought of crates!

      Also... "if you have anything awesome that you want to show us, just me an email at this address."..

      Thats just inviting Chuloopa to send you all manner of intricately posed, scantily clad photos!

        [Clicks send/receive every five seconds in anticipation]

          Unfortunately he took them down!!
          No Loops for you!

            Hey, this just gave me an idea for a 3rd new regular section...

    I am so Jelly right now.

    Are you sure I can't come and steal all your Naruto stuff?

    Awesome mate. I don't know anyone who has the side of their PC done up either.... easy access huh! Mine looks like that.

    Your TV and coffee table are in exactly the same position as mine. Is that a sliding glass door to the right of camera? Looks like you're living in my apartment!

      Strike that last question, I just put the two pictures together to see the other room there. >.< I'm tired leave me alone!

    Impressive setup - what's your purpose for loitering on IRC? :3

    Wow! All I can say is wow! Mr Serrels is indeed a man of his word! Hope you've all enjoyed a look in to the life of teh botman!

    Now for the replies..

    It is littleJJ, but I don't think she's playing M&M there. That pic was taken pre-xmas, and M&M wasn't open to Aussies until after that. Not sure what she was doing on there.. perhaps a facebook game, or one of her chinese movie sites or something.

    Braaains.. the tissues were there for my wife. And makeshift serviettes. I don't do girly movies.. EVAR!

    Woodze.. I love my stand! It's been great to me! In my old house, it was my bedside table :0 I have thought of getting a proper table for it, but at the same time, I figure.. why bother.. it works!

    Blaghman.. once again.. NO! ;) I actually have more Naruto stuff since xmas too! littleJJ gave me 4 Shippuuden figures which I have yet to place on the shelf.

    FatShady.. I know of noone except my parents who leaves the side on ;) As you said.. ease of access is a priority for me. As you can no doubt see from my drives I have hanging out the sides, and the other drives on top. I actually have an e-sata dock which I use aswell but it wasn't setup when I took that picture.

    AmbroveIV.. Thanks! I love my rig! My life pretty much revolves around my computer for one reason or another. As for IRC, that channel I sit in is filled with 3d modelers and game devs. Some n00bs, some pro's.. people I've known for 10+ years.. They all vary in their roles, but there's people there from Sony, Microsoft, Ubisoft, Gearbox and a miriad of other companies.

      Second Question! which model Pioneer Receiver is that one?

        Woodze, It's a todoroki vsx-819h.. absolutely thundering system!!

    Z-5500 speakers are nice but I don't know what's happening with that vertical HDD!

      there's actually 3 there.. 1x 1tb, 1x 750gb, and a 64gb solid state drive hiding behind them ;) I simply don't have room in my tower for them!

      Also if anyone wants to see more closeup pics of the figures, I have a gallery on my skydrive.

      Feel free to check it out.
      There's a pic of littleJJ there too for those who are curious ;)

        also in that gallery, you can see even more naruto stuff that isn't in that shot of my shelf, I asked Mark to update the link but obviously forgot and posted the wrong link.

          actually that's my bad.. he just didn't post the pic I updated ;) Still.. more stuff in the gallery ;) Including my prize possesion! Naruto Frog Wallet! :P


            I want it!

            My brother in-law just got a Naruto sleepy cap.

            I got the Fourth's cloak.

            I'm 29 years old.

              I hate reading the number 29 at the moment cause in 19 more days.. I move from that awesome age club.. to a very different older club :(

                OH GAWD! I'm so close - I've only got another 4 months of being in my 20s.

                  where the hell did he find the sleeping cap?! I looked all over the jump shop for that hat! It's sooooo damn cute!!!! If you can let me know I'd love you forever! I'd so buy that in an instant!!!!

                  As somebody who passed to the other side of that dark veil marked "30" some 5 years ago, I can tell you it's not all that bad.

                  The main difference between 25 and 35 is that what I used to do all night now takes me all night to do.

              lol I'm 32! I'd so wear that hat every night if I could get my hands on one!! ;) Age will never stop me being childish at heart!

                Man, I think we must be the elder grandpa's on the porch of the kotaku retirement home. 33 here... eeek. <---That was my hips.

                Awesome setup by the way, do you do the toy thing with a few in each barrac...I mean hand and go whooooosiiiiiiiieeee BooOOOOoooMmmmm Take that hell beasts. ratatatata?

                  Eek! Guess that makes me the Grandma...I'm 34! Way to make a lady feel old guys. :P

              You can't really make it out from the pics, but that coffee mug on my desk would no doubt appeal to you too! It's got Kakashi on it! :0

            Dude, 'fraid that's not a wallet, it's a purse. :P

            Also, holeeeeey crap your wife is gorgeous! (Heee, I get to say that because I'm a girl, but I'm sure most of the guys were thinking it.)

              aww shucks! thanks! I'm sure she'd be stoked to know you think so ;) And purse or wallet, I don't care!! it's 100% kickass and that's all that matters ;)

    Oh man, I want a shelf like that. I'm jelly. Very jelly.

    I'm sure someone would find those Hellraiser figures sexy, they're actually pretty similar to like gimp suits and bondage when you think about it.

    Something you'd like to tell us welbot? ahahaha

      hahah it's not sexy in the kind of. crack a fat way.. just sexy cos the figures are so well detailed and awesome looking! I'm a huge fan of Todd McFarlane's work!

    Dude... Nice...

    Very nice...

    Awesome I love this new topic - post more more more... of course this would mean I need to tidy up my rig and post that... but it ain't nearly and impressive... I crawling baby also means that our TV is corralled by a coffee table! not so good to show off the consoles etc!

      Ha! Wait until the walking starts...and then the climbing.
      Not only do we have our consoles and TV corralled by a coffee table but we had to buy an extra entertainment unit to put on top of the current one to move things further out of the little mischief maker's reach.


      lol! classic! I dunno if you figured it out or not, but it also walks! Looks totally kickass in motion!

    My favourite part? The red and Blue tubs supporting the Home Theatre amp... that just screams WIN

    *looks at pics of figurine stand* -> :O
    *looks at computer desk setup* -> :O
    *loks at XBOX games collection* -> :O


    Pepper Pig?

      lol yes peppa pig! or her dad and george at least! My wife and I just have a thing for pigs i guess.. as you can no doubt tell from the living room shot ;)

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