There Is Real Death In This Video Game

Death, along with taxes, is one of only two certainties in life. Yet in games, death is never really death. Its just a speed bump. In this game, though, death is death, and it is final.

Beloved niche PC publishers Paradox Interactive today revealed Salem, a free-to-play MMO that wants to make sure that players take their decision-making seriously. To this end, things you do in the game are promised to have a lasting effect, while more importantly, if you die, you are dead.

Your character is gone, and all your equipment is set loose for other players to set upon. There is no respawning, no retention of your name or your stats or your skills. You are simply dead, and if you want to play again, you need to start all over at the beginning with a new name and a new character.

How it looks and plays are still yet to be disclosed, but the interview (via PC Gamer) with the game's designer Bjorn Johannessen below makes it sound like they're taking the world-building of Minecraft and turning it into a story-driven MMO set in colonial New England.

It's being developed by a small Swedish studio by the name of Seatribe, who for a while now have been working on something very similar called Haven & Hearth.

Salem is due out on PC later this year.


    Sounds a bit like Steel Battalion - didn't that delete your saved game data when you died?

      Indeed indeed. Although I believe you could save yourself by ejecting before getting completely destroyed.

      Man that was a game I was really interested in playing, too bad it was so expensive/hard to get a hold of in Aus :/

    I've always wanted a game like this, but on console.

    When I was at school, I was taught that there were three certainties in life: death, taxes and speed of light. Speed of light isn't certain anymore? And there are countries with no taxes, so...

      Linking science and certainty is silly because science specifically states that there is no such thing as certainty; that said, the speed of life not only changes between substances, but possibly between dimensions and in different places in the Universe.

        And contrary to Mr. Gore's belief, the science is NEVER settled.

    Haha love the picture :P

    Interesting concept though, i'll keep an eye on this.

    I see a suicide controversy in the future caused by this game. Also their will be one or two idiots who will go on killing rampages just because.
    I'm interested though

    This game has some pretty wicked consequences

    You kill aliens? You lose random files off your hard drive.

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