There's A Dragon Age Prize In Every Copy Of Dead Space 2

Are you a Dragon Age II fan that wasn't planning on purchasing Dead Space 2? Perhaps a free limited edition suit of armour can change your mind. Arise, Sir Cross-Promotion!

Back when Mass Effect 2 came out, players that had also played the original Dragon Age: Origins scored a special suit of Blood Dragon armour. Since Mass Effect 3 is still a ways out, this time around BioWare is teaming up with fellow EA developer Visceral Games to grant Dragon Age II players a special outfit based on the armour worn by Dead Space protagonist Isaac Clarke.

They're calling it the armour of Ser Isaac of Clarke, and despite the silly name it looks quite sexy. Unfortunately it's heavy armour, so if you plan on making your version of Dragon Age II's hero Hawke a caster or a rogue you'll have to hand it off to a non-player character.

Instructions on how to redeem the Ser Isaac armour will be included in copies of Dead Space 2 for the Xbox 360, PC, and PlayStation 3 when it comes out next week.


    And like the blood dragon armour.. will be included in the eventual GOTY edition and available as DLC.

      Sucks they didn't include all the other DLC, rings etc...

    Are the codes spedific to what you own Dead Space and Dragon Age on? Like would a copy of Dead Space 2 on Xbox 360 let me get the armor in a PC copy of Dragon Age 2 or would the codes only work on a 360 copy of DA2?

      Originally the Blood Dragon Armour was console specific but I beleive they changed it later.

      When I log into the Bioware forums I can see I have the Armour on all three systems.

    I'm becoming a little more bored of western fantasy art styles, the weapons just look like toys - too big and too much crap stuck to them. Europeans tend to make their fantasy games a little more subtle.

    Dammit! I preordered my Dead Space 2 from the US as I'll be out there in a few days. My Dragon Age 2 is pre-ordered here in Aus... DLC probably won't be compatable... :(

    No Steam love!!


    I have no plans to buy Dead Space...

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