There’s A Trick To Playing R.U.S.E. With Kinect

There’s A Trick To Playing R.U.S.E. With Kinect

You won’t be able to play Ubisoft’s strategy game R.U.S.E. using Microsoft’s Xbox 360 Kinect anytime soon, but the PC version is another matter entirely.

Here we see multitouch and gesture computing company Evoluce boss Wolfgang Herfurtner navigating the opening battle from Eugen System’s R.U.S.E. using a combination of his company’s software and Microsoft’s motion-sensing camera peripheral. It’s the same technology we saw last month controlling basic Windows 7 tasks.

This is likely the closest many people will come to controlling R.U.S.E. on a touch screen, as our own Stephen Totilo did back in 2009.

It’s certainly an impressive display of gesture-based control, but I couldn’t see myself preferring it over the standard mouse and keyboard controls the PC game comes with. It’s novel, but not really all that practical.


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