These Are The First Video Games In The New Mac App Store

If you have a new Mac or fancy getting one that runs Mac OS X v10.6.6, you can get a free app store on it as of today. It's got more than 1000 apps, Apple says. Which games?

I took a tour of the Mac App Store today, which you watch in the clip atop this post.

It's all very iTunes-familiar in design. It's easy to navigate yet still mystifying how to find only the newest games. It's also a little hard to find great games on this store on day one, but there are some gems, such as Osmos and Bejeweled 3.

The biggest annoyance is that games that are sold on this Mac App Store and for iPads/iPhones don't seem to work across platforms with a single purchase. I downloaded Chopper 2 through the Mac store but still had to pay for it to add it to my iPad. Looks like Osmos, which I have on iPad would still run me $13 on the Mac. Bummer.

There are other options for shopping for games on a Mac, Valve's Steam chief among them. Check out the Mac App Store, and see if it does it for you. Here's hoping they get a flood of games; my Mac could use more entertainment.


    Grabbed Angry Birds last night. Plays brilliantly and looks fantastic, even though it's just the same as the iPhone/iPad versions.

    It's a shame that these apps aren't universal though, considering how much Apple loves making all their products work with each other, this just seems like a backwards step.

    Looking forward to seeing what other games they release, hopefully some original content rather than iPhone ports.

    2 (extended) questions, seeing as I don't own or know anyone with a Mac.

    1. Is this intended to compete with steam? If it is, is there Game Center on Mac?

    2. Is there the potential for lots of bad ports from iPhone games just to make a quick buck? I can imagine touchscreen games not working well with a mouse+keyboard, e.g. Fruit Ninja, so I hope that games will stay where they belong.

    I guess the second question I can answer myself (yes), but it would be nice to have another persons POV on it.

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