They’ve Added Hamlet To This Video Game

They’ve Added Hamlet To This Video Game

The free fantasy video game Mabinogi has been out for a couple of years, entertaining players with the kind of swords and dragons adventure stuff lots of gamers like. Now the developers are adding something even more fun: Shakespeare.

First they’re adding Hamlet, then Romeo & Juliet. You’ll play as a supporting character during reenactments of the plays.

Even though I understand very little about Mabinogi, a game I’ve never played, I’m charmed by every detail I’ve read about how these Shakespeare missions work.

First great detail:

By shearing play pages from the Paper Sheep roaming the new town of Avon, you will be able to create a pass to enter the theatre Mission. From there, you will become an “actor” in a theatre mission and you will need to complete objectives.

Second great detail:

The Hamlet mission includes a fight against… this bear?

The basic description of the upcoming Hamlet content is that the player will assume the role of a knight and witness the actions of the play from the sideline.

Act V of Hamlet gets pretty action-packed, so here’s hoping it’s all fun to play. No word on when this is coming out, but it appears to be slated for the near future.

You can have your Call of Duty map packs and extra Need For Speed cars. I love the idea of new game content being ripped from Shakespeare.

What’s Hamlet doing in my Mabinogi? [Official Mabinogi site]

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