This Apartment Is No Nerd Slob Hole

The thing about nerd hovels is that the their stereotypical image is of being dark, dank, messy and cluttered with crap. Swiss Melonpan's lair is anything but.

It's breezy and bright and all his game controllers, comics and figures are neat and tidy and displayed with such care. More pictures of his going's on in the Flickr stream below.

Flickr: Meidocafe's Photostream [Flickr via DannyChoo]


    That is very neat (but my wife still wouldn't allow it).

    obviously he has a lot of money to make it look nice

    Looks great. But... is that the phone on the ground in the first pic? Surely that can go beside the PC.

    Awesome apartment.

    I recently cleaned my room and stood amazed at how clean it was, thinking I was nearing Mirror's Edge style. And I see this...

      ditto :<

    Got to love the hug pillows on the bed.

      Ahhh reminds me of 30 Rock the episode with James Franco and his lover Komiko(A Japanese anime girl on a pillow). Franco was absolutely awesome in it!

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