This Diablo Monk Lights Up The Internet

Diablo III isn't even out yet, but already we have a chance to check out the game's Female Monk in action, courtesy of these amazing cosplay shots from model Christina.

Also known as ZerinaX, Christina is a giant in the world of cosplay, having taken out the top prize at last year's Blizzcon convention, an annual gathering for fans of World of Warcraft, Diablo and Starcraft. She did so with the Monk costume shown here, which looks as good as you'd expect the getup could ever look in the flesh.

Photos are by Chase Hoffman. Diablo III, the third game in Blizzard's storied dungeon-crawling franchise for the PC, will be out... well, hopefully next year. But with Blizzard, you never can tell!


    I watched the livecast of Blizzcon, and I have to say, she stole the show. Her costume is utterly amazing, and she can actually pull off the martial arts moves the Monk class calls for - while in costume.

    It doesn't hurt, I guess, that she is really, really pretty. *^.^*

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