This Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Magazine Cover Has A Secret

Game Informer has revealed the cover for its February issue, dedicated to Bethesda's recently revealed The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, and while the front is rather classy and subdued, there's a mysterious party going on around back.

What looks like a rather plain cover the print version comes with a special ultraviolet coating that gives the Skyrim emblem a raised, 3D sort of look. I'm looking forward to seeing it and hoping my postman doesn't hurt it too badly stuffing it into my box.

Around back, things get even more interesting.

What could this mysterious message mean? Game Informer says it has something to do with the singing heard in the Skyrim teaser trailer that aired during the spike Video Game Awards in December. That's where the key to deciphering this mystery lies.

Or just check back with Game Informer later today, when they tell everyone what it means. I'm betting it's "Drink more Ovaltine".

February Cover Revealed: The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim [Game Informer]


    The script looks exactly like cuneiform, but I seriously doubt they would expect to find anyone familiar enough with ancient middle-eastern script to translate it.

    This is the same script they used in Morrowind! I deciphered it using the map that came with it! I CAN READ THIS!!!!!!

    Dammit... There are new characters...


    Given the complexity of other hidden messages that fans have decrypted I'm sure someone will figure this one out. Bungie put african languages in their games and they got translated, Futurama put complex cryptography in their episodes and it got decoded too.

    I hate to break it to you but there's not much special about spot UV as a printing technique

    Do you want the translation guys? Just finished it :)

    Yes post translation, im too lazy to do it :P well actually im at work and should not be doing it :P

    Here is the translation I got from that link.

    Dovahkiin Dovahkiin Naal Ok Zin Los Vahriin Wah Dein Vokul Mahfaeraak Ahst Vaal Ahrk Fin Norok Paal Graan Fod Nust Hon Zindro Zaan Dovahkiin Fah Hin Kogaan Mu Draal

    Ahrk Fin Kel Lost Prodah Do Ved Viing Ko Fin Krah Tol Fod Zeymah Win Kein Meyz Fundein Alduin Feyn Do Jun Kruziik Vokun Staadnau Voth Aan Bahlok Wah Diivon Fin Lein

    Dragonborn Dragonborn By His Honor Is Sworn To Keep Shadow Forever At Bay And The Fiercest Foes Rout When They Hear Triumph's Shout Dragonborn For Your Blessing We Pray

    And The Scrolls Have Fortold Of Black Wings In The Cold That Brothers Wage War Come Unfurled Alduin Bane Of Kings Ancient Shadow Unbound With A Hunger To Swallow The World

      Big bad black dragon as boss? Awesome.

      Ohhh nice! Thanks

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