This Is How South Korean Children Battle Game Addiction

It looks like torture, and for children In South Korea that are used to playing video games non-stop, ruining their grades in the process it might be. This is where parents send their children to learn a little self-control.

You'd never see these sorts of images featuring North American children. One glance at the pained looks on those young faces and this disciplinary boot camp would be shut down for good. On the other side of the world, however, parents turn to facilities like these when they feel they are losing control of their children.

It's harsh. It's unforgiving. And perhaps it's exactly what these young teens need to kick the habit. Fifteen-year-old Kang Han-Sol certainly hopes so.

"My mum forced me to take this course because I have played video games too much. I hope this course would better me, so I could quit playing and give more focus on studying."

It's not all bad. When they are not screaming and covered in snow children learn to ride horses and spend their time pursuing more creative endeavours. It looks like hell, but at least they're getting outside to play, sort of.

South Korean Boot Camps For Video Game Addicted Teens [All Voices via Game Politics]


    There needs to be one of these camps in every major and minor city around the world

      Yeah okay, and while we're at it lets call them 'concentration camps' since we're getting the camps to teach our kids to concentrate better (instead of, you know, parents taking a more active role in their kids' development).

      What could go wrong?

    Wouldn't it be great if that's where celebritys were sent to deal with their addictions. Lindsay Lohan half naked and rubbing her body with snow, yes please!


    There is something to be said for the cup O cement approach to discipline.

    Have they not considered simply smacking their child, taking away their games and telling them that they'll get them back when their grades improve?

    Good to know these still exist, even though kids have died in similar "addiction camps" in China.

    EVERYONE! Look at the pictures above and imagine the scream of the iron man cereal commercials.

    woah, that kid looks like he could use some all bran.

    instead of sending your kid to a camp, why don't you just take away his games?

    Hell, if we had this sort of thing here, I'd wish someone committed ME during my HSC year.

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