This Is What Rhythm Heaven Looks Like On Wii

Nintendo makes great rhythm video games in the form of Rhythm Heaven - simple, but smartly designed arcade-style games that are incredibly addictive and rich. The company is bringing one of those to the Wii and it too looks fantastic.

Along with the new Kirby game for Wii, Nintendo showed off its latest Rhythm Heaven at an investor meeting yesterday. Unlike the most recent Rhythm Heaven game for the Nintendo DS, which is all touchscreen taps, this one looks like its all about swipes, swings and stabs with a Wii Remote.

While the 2011 release list for the Wii is looking a little light - Zelda, Mario Sports Mix, Kirby and a few role-playing games - more Rhythm Heaven is a welcome addition to the line-up.


    aaaargh why?! Why do they keep putting this game on systems with imprecise controls?! The first was rock-solid on the GBA, the second was a bit fussy with touchscreen taps, now wiimote swiping?!?! Oh god...

      Really? I found the DS one to be pretty rock-solid. Certainly didn't stop me from perfecting everything :P

    5 years behind, and counting...

    Gimmicks, lots of em, Ninty is going to be the next Sega at this rate.

      I guess that's why they've sold so many units and why Microsoft and Sony are venturing into motion control.

    Looks like a Bishi Bashi kind of game. Awesome!

    You guys are crazy, what makes you think the wii has imprecise controls? (Disclaimer: I own all three systems and a gaming PC) Try Warioware Smooth Moves or wii sports resort or any mario platformer or donkey kong. There's a lot of poorly made software for Wii, but that's a developer issue, not a hardware issue. Rhythm Heaven on DS was amazing too, I'll grant that touch screen is more difficult than buttons and digital directional pads but I for one welcomed the challenge of precise stylus work. Nintendo the next Sega? That's outright insane. The Wii, like the Gamecube and to an extent the 64 are definitely Nintendo First Party machines with a few bonus quality third party titles, but that's ok. Mario Platformers, Zelda, Donkey Kong, Wii Sports + Resort, Mario Kart, are reasons enough to respect and love Nintendo. These games work well (rarely do you ever hear of or see bugs), they're accesible whilst remaining deep. Nintendo's done an amazing thing in converting a lot of non-gamers over to our side, they're also the only option for a family with quite young kids, say Under 8, that want video games everyone can enjoy.

    I loathed the DS version of Rhythm Heaven. I can confidently say I'd despise this without even playing it.

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