This Is What Super Meat Boy Success Feels Like

This Is What Super Meat Boy Success Feels Like

Super Meat Boy is a 2D game with relatively simple graphics. That’s what it looks like, at least. This action-packed fan film by Joseph Manalaysay captures what beating one of the game’s brutal levels feels like.

As anyone that’s been playing games since the Atari age will tell you, video games don’t need elaborate visuals to be entertaining. Back in the days of the 2600 it may have looked like we were merely shooting dots at slightly larger dots, but in our minds’ eyes we were participating in dynamic gunfights, narrowly avoiding obstacles as bullets, arrows, or lasers whizzed by our heads.

In the same way books leave visuals up to the imagination of the reader, games with less complicated visuals allow us to flesh out the experience in our minds.

Or in this case, a rather impressive little fan film.

Bandage Get!!! [YouTube – Thanks Wazzup4567]

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