This Isn't Machinima, It's Cinema

To call "The Trashmaster" machinima isn't doing it justice, because while it is indeed based on the art of turning a video game into cinema, it also runs for an astonishing 88 minutes.

While we've seen similar Grand Theft Auto IV-related projects recently, we've never seen one run for that long, nor have one that took over two years to put together.

Sadly, while it looks great, with lots of moody scenery shots and tastefully selected scenes, the voice-acting (the product of English being the creator's second language) leaves a lot to be desired. Which is a shame, considering there's constant narration.

Think of it as Heavy Rain with faster cars, though, and you'll do OK.


    Watched the entire thing, there was some very nice cinematography going on, and although it was a bit slow in places the plot overall was interesting. I have to agree with your assessment of the voice acting though, it kinda detracted from the mood in places.

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