This Kid Made One Of The Biggest Games On Earth

When you were 14 years old, what were you doing? Robert Nay is 14, and he's programming a hit game.

The eighth grader programmed the free physics-based puzzle game Bubble Ball for the iPhone, which knocked Angry Birds from the top spot on Apple's free app chart after being released on December 29. It's clocked over two million downloads.

Angry Birds was created by professionals. Bubble Ball was not. Nay, who built his first website in the third grade, created the game over the course of a month at the suggestion of a friend's dad, using software called Corona SDK (which he taught himself how to use), reports

"I had no idea that it would do so well and become the number one game," says the young game developer.

According to, Nay is coy about what he's working on next. There are plans for possible paid Bubble Ball add-ons. With the money he earns, Nay plans to save for college and graduate school.

For Bubble Ball, Nay's mother drew some of the puzzles for the game, as well as washed his clothes and cooked his food, but says her son did the rest on his own.

Teen's 'Bubble Ball' game is top free iPhone app []


    I heard an interview with this kid and his Mother on an indie games podcast. It's sounds to me that the mother actually did a lot more than they're leading us to believe. Having said that, the kid did produce the game and learnt the SDK all by himself, so kudos to him, it's quite an achievement.

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