This Might Be The World’s Most Dangerous Game

This Might Be The World’s Most Dangerous Game

The instructions for the Wii-based game Akashi couldn’t sound more dangerous: “Players are blindfolded and a sword is given to them in order to play.” Good thing we have video of this one in action.

Akashi is an audio-only game. You play as the blindfolded samurai, using audio cues to determine where your enemies are. With a fake sword in hand, you strike them down. Hopefully there is no furniture nearby. Or anything that can feel pain.

This isn’t a video game, because, well, the only video involved is a story scene that runs on a laptop before the gameplay begins. After that intro, the player gets to swing their sword at anything nefarious coming out of the game’s surrounding speakers. A Wii sensor is used somehow, according to the game’s official webpage. Audio-only games aren’t widely popular, but occasionally they pop up on the development scene (see the Japan-only Sound Voyager on the Game Boy Advance, for example). Almost without fail, they’re interesting. Hey, I’d play Akashi if I could.

Akashi: The Blind Samurai is still in development. You can follow it at the website run by its designer, Felip Urquijo. May all of his playtests end without injury. And may he think through the ramifications before adding a multiplayer mode.

AKASHI – The Blind Samurai []


  • I cna see people being forced to sign waivers before playing this. Though I’d love to have a go. Can’t wait to see some gameplay footage of blind people vs ‘able bodied’ players. I want to see the supposedly disabled people kick the crap out of us.

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