This Minecraft Video Will Make You A God-Dammed Sexual Tyrannosaurus

Just as you think you're getting to the point where you loudly exclaim "enough of the f**king Minecraft videos already", along comes one that turns Minecraft into Predator Minecraft.

There's the music. The Predator language. The invisibility. The skulls. There's even the lumberjack stalking sequence and... oh, OK, so that part's new to this vid. Everything else, though, is classic Predator.

Minecraft, an indie game where you can build words and kill chickens, is the current darling of the PC (and Mac!) community. Predator was released in 1987, and starred not one, but two future state governors.

[Thanks mrClint!]


    Love it!

    chase music is the battle theme from heroes of might and magic 3

    Well done. Very nice!

    Bad ass

    Why would you offer this in HD on utube??

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