This Video Game Looks Awfully Familiar


    i love how it still has aim assist

      hey dude, its also developed for Move.... so no aim assist, just aiming with the Move controller :)

    These guys must be the chinese sweatshops of videogames

    Eh modern day shooters all look alike anyway.

    Anyone else having trouble woking out the genre of this game?

    I think it might be a tetris clone

    Hmmm there still is something missing.
    Perhaps Call of Modern Combat: Far Domination Halo Unreal Edition will work better.

    Reminds me of those rip-off movies such as The Terminators or The Day The Earth Stopped.

    Same old crap that the Call of Duty series offers, but this time the content matches the price.

    The guy on the left at the very end reminds me of CS for some reason....

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