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The drought is over! Kinda! This week we have a grand total of two games coming out - but they're both good, so I thought it might be worth kicking off the first This Week In Games of 2011.

DC Universe Online What Is It? An MMO based in the 'DC Universe' that is 'Online'. Should You Care? There is a lot of early buzz around the beta. It's also one of the few MMOs on console - will probably be the only one worth playing.

LittleBigPlanet 2 What Is It? It's LittleBigPlanet, the new one. With new stuff. Should You Care? Yes. The first is still one of my favourite games on the PS3, and the second is, as you'd expect, a lot more polished and features massively improved create tools.

Mass Effect 2 What Is It? Bioware's classic RPG sequel. Kotaku Australia's reader-voted game of the year. Should You Care? Honestly? I'm considering buying it for the second time, just to play through it again. Incredible, incredible game.


    You forgot mass effect 2 for the ps3! Although I doubt I'll get my preorder for it seeming that they can't even get food into the area at the moment.

    I DC Universe Online but for a couple of things: it's not on 360 (curse you Sony Online Entertainment for being so shallow!) and the subscription is $20...

    ...oh well :/

    LittleBigPlanet 2 will kick off my 2011 spending! Collector's Edition purchase confirmed, for Sackboy plushie goodness!

    I'm still considering getting Mass Effect 2 though, the goal was somewhat to try and limit the games bought this year, but I'm sure that will get broken soon enough.

    I'm trading my 360 version for my ps3 version, for some reason the missis was happy with that!

    Don't know if any one else has notice but all th eretailers seem to have pushed Mass Effect 2 back till next week (27th). Any news on this Mark?

    If true, I won't be a happy chappy. I'm off to the US on the 5th of Feb and wantes some serious game time before I go.

    I'm importing Little Big Planet 2 from the UK. Much happier to wait around a week and get it for $58. Would have to be mad to pay EB's rip off price.

    If the ps3 gets mass effect 2 does that mean the 360 gets god of war 3 or mgs4? Seems like a fair trade off to me. Getting ffxii from the ps3 was more a kick in the nuts then a plus.

      No. Because Mass Effect was published by EA. God of War is a Sony franchise. Metal Gear Solid 4 reportedly used the full BD and would require an unreasonable amount of discs for an Xbox port and probably a drop down to 720p. In saying that, MGS Rising will be on the 360 as well.

        I wonder if that'll result in shorter cut scenes, or just a 360 version that takes up 8 DVDs? :P It'll be like the latter days of the Amiga when games were shipping on 10 or 12 3.5" floppy disks! Ahhh, the good old days.

          Oh PLEASE result in shorter cut scenes! I'm not a huge fan of Kojima's semi-interactive movies.

      I see what you did there.

      Yeah, maybe we can get Uncharted... or as xbox is so shooter orientated MAG, Killzone, Resitance or SOCom.

    I'm keen to see what the normal and community reviews of DC Universe Online will be like. Will it be the breath of fresh air that MMO's need, being 1) based on DC characters 2) not set in a fantasy world 3) on a console;

    or will it just be meh?

    I've got LBP2 pre-ordered for my daughter. Sort of a sorry-we're-going-to-Harry Potter World-without-you present.

    PS3 killin' it! I really wanted to play DCU as well =[

    DCUO was already released last week....if you use a PC and want to get the digital download through steam for 49.95 USD instead of paying 90AUD from a retail store this week.

      Also on pc and it's been out in the us for a week now

        Dammit was meant to be to sunscorpion

      Yeah beta was a 14 gb download though so some people may rather importing or buying it from eb

    I was a silly goose and bought the first LBP on the cheap just before Christmas. Oh well, I'll see how much I get out of that first.

    Also, I quite liked the Mass Effect 2 PS3 demo that I downloaded. How does the rest of the game compare with it? I'd hate to buy it and realise they just put the best bits in the demo :P (I haven't played ME1)

      Take the demo... times it by 30.
      Wrap it in bacon and cover it in chocolate.

        That sounds like the LBP Kevin Butler ad... Bacon topped cupcakes...

        hmmmm... bacon topped cupcakes... eeerrrrrrggghhhhh....

        Then wrap it in even more bacon. It's that good.

    I haven't read the article yet , Mark.

    I would just like to say..that is some nice "GODDAMN BATMAN".

    but but but but i wanted little big ADVENTURE 3!... it'd be so nice if it where put in development :/

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