Top Spin 4 Works With Move, But Not Kinect

Top Spin 4 Works With Move, But Not Kinect

Top Spin 4 Works With Move, But Not KinectWhen Sony and Microsoft both announced their assault on the motion control market at E3 a couple of years back, I wondered if Move’s similarity to the Wii may actually end up working in its favour, as developers used to working on the Wii would find it easier to develop or port similar mechanics across the two consoles, while Kinect was a user interface that required a little more work. Well, that seems to be the case with Top Spin 4, which would appear to be Move compatible, while Kinect has been called ‘out’.

According to Joystiq a 2K representative has confirmed that Top Spin 4 won’t feature Kinect support out of the box.

Will other developers follow suit and support Move but not Kinect? Probably not. Kinect has helped drive Xbox 360 sales up by 62% this year and has an enormous amount of buzz surrounding it. While the lack of a tactile input and developer familiarity with the tech may result in road bumps to begin with, publishers like money and they enjoy making it.

So I would say that Top Spin 4 will be the exception to the rule.

Top Spin 4 is Move compatible, but ‘not Kinect’ [Joystiq]


  • Ok not to sound like a fanboy or anything but there is a simple explanation for this. The Kinect just isn’t responsive enough. Sure it’s great that there’s no controllers but it just too laggy. I’m not saying OVER laggy but enough for it to matter when precision and solid timing are needed. That’s why games like Dance Central worked well because it was able to account for the lag due to not actually showing yourself in real time, whereas games like Sonic Riders and Motionsports failed because they required fast movements.

    Just my two cents, baby.

  • i guess nobody knows what to do with kinect? it is frightening to think – because of kinects strong sales figures – developers will focus on building games around kinect: always important to satisfy what is now a significant market demand >

    kinect deserved to sit on the shelves considering the disappointing. ugly & uninspired software it launched with. move was even worse. can pure snake oil & a very loud sales pitch hurt gaming? certainly. certainly it can.

  • I need something in my hand when I pretend to play tennis (preferably a racket, but an expensive adult-entertainment-aid-lookalike would do the trick).

  • A full tennis match can not work on Kinect. Who wants to actually run to the left or right to have their on screen player get to the ball. Sounds OK in principal but in practice I think it would suck. Controlling the on screen movement of your player will always be better with a thumbstick for tennis. I think that’s all it comes down to.

  • Out of curiosity, how many people reading this who bought Kinect or Move around xmas time or earlier are still actually using them on any kind of regular basis now? Has the novelty worn off yet?

    For actual gaming, I mean, not counting the general user-interface stuff / interesting hacks that Kinect offers.

  • I’m a big fan of the top spin series, and i’d be happy for it to not have any motion controller support at all thanks.

    • Agreed! “Real” (read: simulation) sports video games do not need motion controls…EVER!!

      Also, get rid of the shite Top Spin 3 controls and go back to the orginal Top Spin game for guidance. The first Top Spin was by far the best game in the series IMO. I loved that game, played it to death on Xbox Live. The lag was killer because live was very new in Australia at the time, but it was fun enough to keep me playing to get my online ranking as low as possible!

      • I don’t know why “true” gamers have such an issue with this. The developers are making games such as Top Spin 4, or Resident Evil 5 as another example which support BOTH the traditional controller option, or the Move peripherals. What’s the problem? Gamers who like buttons are happy, and casual gamers are happy.

        Quoted: “Agreed! “Real” (read: simulation) sports video games do not need motion controls…EVER!!”

        – and so it needs people sitting on the couch mashing buttons, which practically defeats the whole point of a sport simulation… Gamers need to be more open minded. I’m glad the developers nowadays are giving us so many options.

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