Trademark Filings Tip Hand For New Vegas DLC?

Rooting through paperwork, a NeoGAF poster found three trademark filings by ZeniMax Media, parent of Bethesda Softworks, maker of Fallout: New Vegas. One corresponds to a name from a graffiti file (pictured) like one that tipped off December's "Dead Money" DLC.

"Honest Hearts" is one of the trademark applications, and the one that is matched by the graffiti file, according to The Vault, (the game's wiki volume). The other two names that were filed, "Lonesome Road" and "Old World Blues" could either be future projects or red herrings.

The Vault notes that the Honest Hearts graffiti refers to Joshua Graham - "The Burned Man" - and New Canaan. Graham was originally created as "The Hanged Man" and he and New Canaan were to appear in the version of Fallout 3 that Black Isle had been developing, canceled in 2003.

Fallout New Vegas Thread [NeoGAF]


    Man why do people keep saying Bethesda is the maker of New Vegas.

    They were the Publisher....Obsidian made NV ffs.

    As for Joshua Graham...I'd say he'll play a part in whatever DLC takes place at the Great Divide battle between Ulysses and The Courier..

    Since Graham was thrown into the Grand Canyon by Caesar, and is now a myth among Centurions. As the Flavor text of the Loading Screen points out...ts the only other mention of him, and after the hints Dead Money dropped.

    Have to say Obsidian's DLC is sounding better than Bethesda's FO3 efforts

      Yeah its pretty weird to see such a talentless company get the credit in the face of Obsidians amazing work.

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