Two New Wild Regulars Appear!

Alright folks, you've asked in the comments, you've sent emails - the people have clearly spoken! It's time for some new sections on Kotaku Australia! We're adding two new regulars into the mix, with one in particular kicking off today.

The first is The Set-Up which is a look at some of our readers stuff. This can be anything from awesome TV/Surround set-ups, to mad video game collections, retro stuff, figurines, cool modded desktops, anything. If you guys have an awesome set-up and feel like showing it off send me an email. Welbot has already sent me in an entry, so we'll be posting that up later today!

The second is Reader Rants - think of it as a letters to the Editor section. Basically I want to give you guys a voice to talk on whatever video-game related topic you choose. The only guidelines are: try and keep it under 600 words, and avoid any crazy bad language. Otherwise - go nuts!

Alright, so make sure to email me your submissions here and let me know what you think in the comments below!


    I finally have a reason to finish my setup!!!
    Readers Rants sounds awesome, can't wait.
    Thought Mark was ignoring us today, but he was obviously busy cooking this up.
    Thanks Mark!

    Reader Rants must = You know what Grinds my gears!!!!!!

      This. I demand every 'Reader Rants' post starts with 'You know what really Grinds My Gears?'

    The Set-Up sounds cool. I always like to see how other people...Set-Up there entertainment areas. :-)

    And who doesn't wuv a good rant?


    *cough* Sorry, I just relish the chance to rant about things. I love to rant. So much. Thank you Mark.

    I guess our squinting really convinced you in the other matters regards, eh Mark?

      Must have'''
      Mint Mint Hark LOL

    I can get to photographing my collection now! :D

      Will they include Man Chest???
      You are a great sport :D Loved your Chuloopa The Man Ho comments, posted you some links in TAY....

    in the almighty popular and overused words of facebook. Jamie Anderson likes this post

    Reader Rants?! Squee!

    Cheers Mark - now we just need a podcast and I'll be a totally appeased reader :P

    That's pretty sweet, sounds good! Looking forward to seeing the setups fo' shiz.

    i fear Captain Salty Serrels is suffering from advanced scurvy. nurse! get me the lemons!
    just pulling your rope.
    there is no nurse and these sound like good ideas and Captain Serrels is fine.
    a more user-generated Kotaku? bravo. splendid. yes splendid. I can [continue] drink [ing] to that.

    Mark, is there a limit to how many photos we can send for The Set-Up?

      Not really, but to make my life easier try and make it less than ten - I'll probably only post the best five anyway.

    Can we call it "THE VENT"? and have a pic of a vent and Bennet letting off some steam ??

    Surely ??

      I'm calling it Let Off Some Steam! CONFIRMED!

        YAY !!!
        A much better title, suited to our awesome community !

    Reader Rants??????
    Look out Big M and your stupid make a little flappy tear thingo which just goes up and poof, the straw insertion point is ready to go..What.???. its stuck shut still, this damn cheap bakery straw has not the power to burst through your tight hymen like seal, you bastard, now look, the straws bent in twain. So you poke with your little finger and it finally ruptures squirting you in the eye, blinding you while the old man on the park bench laughs and pulls out a rancid old hanky.

    I just want to enjoy my milk with a straw. :(

    Let Off Some Steam? More like Let Off Some Trolls.

    This is going to be very interesting..

    As for set-ups, compared to my friends, I would have the best set-up. Compared to the interwebz, it's just a fish tank. Never-the-less, I'll send some in. :)

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