US and Euro 3DS Details – What Does It Mean For Australia?

US and Euro 3DS Details – What Does It Mean For Australia?

US and Euro 3DS Details – What Does It Mean For Australia?Well the news is out – the 3DS will be launching at $250US on March 27 in the US, and two days earlier in Europe at a cost to be determined by retailers. But what does this mean for Australians still awaiting local pricing?

It’s tough to say at this stage, but since Nintendo Australia has already confirmed that the 3DS will hit stores in Australia in March, I’m guessing it’ll hit Aussie shelves on the 24th, or possibly the 31st – which is a Thursday – the day on which most new gaming software and hardware is released in Australia.

But what about the price? Well, that’s a little more difficult. The Nintendo Wii was launched at $250US, and sold here in Australia for $399.95 so based on that logic the 3DS will retail at a similar cost.


Nintendo do have a stronger Australian dollar to contend with, and the spectre of increased importing by an infinitely more savvy consumer base. As a safe bet we’re going to say that the price will be no more than $400, but most likely no less than $350.

We will, of course, have to wait on the official word from Nintendo Australia, which we hope will come sooner rather than later.

Thanks guys! And thanks to those who braved it and followed the press conference with me on twitter until 2.30am!


  • I guess pricing is up to the retailers much like Europe and I think this will show if they truly care about competing with internet/importing or if they are just being whiney bi**hes.

    Its odd because $400 sounds like a lot for this yet the PSP launched at that price for a lot less 5 or so years ago.

  • Let’s face it; If I am stuck with region lock, I would have no reason anymore in buying 3DS games in Australia. Many games will never actually get released here. If I want the largest library of English 3DS games, I NEED to get an American 3DS. Together with the very real possibility that the US 3DS would be cheaper, and I no longer have a reason to buy Australian anymore.

    You brought it on yourselves, Australian retailers. Region locking, overprice, and lack of games I want. Going American is the logical choice.

    • Australian retail stores have nothing to do with region locks or lack of games, and basically any store that will sell the 3DS will do so at RRP or less.
      If you want to rage, point it at Nintendo.

  • The 27th is a Sunday, the 24th is the Thursday, or maybe they’ll slip it into the last Thursday on the 31st?

  • I just cancelled my preorder.

    No fucking way I’m paying that when the Americans get it for so much cheaper.

    My faith in Nintendo has been lost again, and even more so I’m sick and tired of Australian retailers thinking they can take us for a ride.

      • I do not mean to be rude, Mark, but Goddy carries a lot of logic with his claim.

        I would not be surprised if official word came out it will cost $400.

        There is basically no competition here in Australia and the powers that are forever think the Australian dollar is only worth at most 60 US cents.

        • I agree with you – I think this retails day one at $400, but I wouldn’t cancel my pre-order based on speculation.

          • There was more to it then just a knee jerk reaction, Mark.

            I pre-ordered from who take the money out of your account automatically when the item is ready to ship, or more specifically my credit card.

            If the 3DS will indeed cost 350+ dollars, I didn’t want them just TAKING it. Besides, my point about the Americans getting it cheaper still stands; why spend 350+ dollars here when you can get it for currently 2 dollars LESS then the Americans.

          • Pretty sure he means that in the US they will pay US$250 and at the current exchange rate (maybe around when he published his comment) we would be paying around the AU$248 mark.

            Having said that however, we’re currently sitting almost bang on parity.

          • No what I mean is, if an Australian bought the 3DS right now, the dollar to dollar parity has the aussie dollar worth 2 dollars or so more then the U.S.

            So effectively, buying the 3DS from the States right now, you would be paying 247-8 dollars.

          • You do have to account for shipping though as well. Still would be a saving of $100 at least

  • Wait.. but doesn’t Ebay exist? Means you can get the Nintendo 3DS for about $300 to your house including delivery, maybe less in a month or two after release? (factoring in the great AUD)

    I accidentally left my PSP in Dubai last week, so I’m looking at a new toy to carry.. perhaps this?

  • Yeah… The international freight industry is going to be getting a boost on March 27th then. Another case of BS overpricing that the Australian consumer is going to be expected to put up with

  • At $250 USD, it is safer to import – specially with the region lock.

    Seriously, even with the AUD constantly hovering at the parity point, distributors are still going to think the AUS is only worth around 50 to 60 US cents.

  • Even $350 is an uncomfortable price point IMO, it’s starting to encroach on the cost of a console. That with the idea of region locking could be a deal breaker…

    • The current Australian $ value is an anomaly. Give it a few years at this level and you might see the parity prices come through. There would be more complaints if it started at $250 and went up to $350 when the Aus dollar eventually plummets.

  • I’ll be waiting until the price becomes reasonable, ie: not $150 than the US for no valid reason.
    Either that or import and trust the homebrew crowd to do what they always do.

  • Surely the recommended retail will be $349.95, and therefore with retailers being ultra competitive i think we’ll see $319 price somewhere at launch or even $299. The new x360 slim 250gb’s recommended retail was $449.95 but none the less it still gets sold at $399 some places.

  • I’ll be importing from the US if I ever end up getting one. There’s no reason at all to rip Australians odd by so much, especially when today tonight has introduced mothers to online shopping and importing! There will be a lot of people importing IMO. All the more power to savvy shoppers.

  • Has the region locking been confirmed…I thought some Jap rep said that it may be region locked or something.

    Damn them for region locking…bye bye Inazuma 11 and One Piece Ultimate Cruise 🙁

  • As I’ve said previously, and Michael’s stated here, compare it with a PSP or PSP Go – the Go still sells at $400 and can’t even take UMDs (granted, they’ve taken to throwing in free games to make it more appealing)

    Look at smart phones, you’re paying $600-1000+ if you buy one outright… for what amounts to a 3DS without the 3D or ability to make phonecalls.

    So $350 would be a fair price all considering, but that being said I do still take issue with the 30-50% markup we seem to get – the ‘being Australian’ tax – and I do agree it could quite easily stand to be cheaper.

    • and the ability to make phonecalls*

      …and the launch selection is a bit underwhelming, so people could probably count on a few console/game bundles when the bigger games are released (e.g. OoT)

      Don’t get me wrong, I have a *very* tight gaming budget so I can definitely say to you don’t buy it if it’s not worth it… but this (unconfirmed) price range has pretty much been the expectation since November.

      • I just checked and you’re correct – I was half-shopping for one in late November, EB and GAME had them for $379 RRP with the bonus x-number of games.

        $200-250 is certainly more reasonable, but the point still remains that if Sony can release two editions of the PSP for $400, there’s nothing to dissuade Nintendo from doing the same…

  • As much as I would love a 3DS, unless Nintendo first bring out a High Def home console, I won’t be getting a 3DS if it’s $400, but I guess we just have to wait and see.

  • Dear Nintendo,

    Please provide mark with between 2-5 3DS units which he can competition off to the masses of Kotaku AU.

    We will do anything you want.


    Thanking you,

      • 5 consoles would be more than enough; if there’s one thing I’ve learnt from Kotaku competitions, it’s that it’s always genuinely possible to win.

        Rarely if ever do you have those horrible “25 words or less” entries. I won a go-karting experience and a copy of ModNation Racers for writing “Here Comes Speed Racer” for God’s sake.

  • I’d prefer to pay no more than $300.

    If it costs more than $300 and doesn’t have Zelda or Resident Evil Revelations at launch then I might not pick one up until later.

  • Well, like others here I’ll skip that one until price drops under $300, or maybe even longer, until the redesign shows up and drop to a reasonable price.
    I sincerely think that Nintendo will struggle for a while to sell this one in Oz.

    • ESPECIALLY given the UK price converts to 365 AUD

      and nintendo says we are always driven by UK price

      400 is ridiculous

      • HOWEVER you must remember the UK now has 20% VAT (GST) this could be a big factor hmmmmm

        minus VAT its 184 pounds (rounded), that is 294 plus GST of 29.40 for Australia

        approximately 325


        • I’m gonna be keeping my eye on ozgameshop irrespective – they’ve got a dedicated 3DS console page, so I’m hoping for the best…

    • You can do that? I have tried to buy games from Amazon in the past and I have always had my order cancelled as they refused to ship games internationally to Australia.

      Has Amazon changed its tactics or is it a different story with game hardware/devices?

      • Amazon have only recently in the past year changed the policy and they will still block certain items from being shipped.

        I’ve had a lot of success lately. I got my Rock Band 3 pro guitar and keyboard from amazon and my Kinect among a host of other games in the past few months.

  • I’m not sure what to do yet.. On one hand I can import from the US for (probably) significantly cheaper than I can get it here, or import from the UK (if we’re in the same region), or wait until the 3DSLite.

    I’ll wait until we get confirmation on some more things…

  • Personally i think Nintendo is going to for the first time ever – not price it THAT high that everyone was worried about. I know that the Wii was $299 in the US and released here for $399 but i think they are starting to realise that times are changing a little bit.

    I would be shocked if this cost more then $350, with it most likely getting an RRP of $325 and with day one discounts from places like Big W and JB, might be going down to $300-310.

  • I’d like to see it retail for around $329.95, with most other retailers selling it for $379.95 bundled with something. That would be ideal for me. But I guess anything at this point is just conjecture.

    Does anyone know if region lock extends to multiplayer interactivity between two 3DSs from two different regions? e.g. a US 3DS playing a local multiplayer game with an AUS 3DS.

    I don’t mind importing ever single one of my games, but if it means I cannot network it with my mates in AU, then it’s probably not worth the savings.

  • Hey harvey comes tax me 10% on importing this even in a best case scenario(300) I’ll be saving money especially when you won’t be offering any worthwhile deals

  • Maybe i’m a sucker but I’ll pay the retail price here in Oz and i’ll probably go up to $400. I paid that for the PSP Go (ok, I AM a sucker) and the 3DS looks infinitely more inviting.

    The price difference with the states is frustrating on the surface of it, but not likely to change unless parity becomes the norm. I have a Get Gaming subscription so over the course of its lifetime I should make the extra back with what I save using that. Of course not everybody is in that situation so it still sucks really.

    • I don’t see the whole Psp go as a sucker buy the issue was that the retailers went out of there way not to sell it and then Sony didn’t support it as well as they should have. Should have been able to credit already owned umd’s to your go . Even if you then resold them youd just have to say yeah ive used the pspgo code much in the same wAy you use the guitar hero codes

  • I was planning to buy one of day dot. But with the Region locking and the likelihood of terrible AU pricing, I’m not sure I can be bothered.

    I could get an US model for a more respectable price, but that rules out playing any Japanese games. I have not read anything yet about a Asian version being released, which would usually mean you’d get the mixture of English and Japanese games.

  • Don’t think I’d buy it here if it costed more than 300 bucks, especially with the whole region lock dealie. You’re basically paying more for the console and more for the games in that regard.

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