Video Game Reduced To 30 Seconds Of Disapproving Mums

Electronic Arts' latest Dead Space 2 campaign is brilliant. Why? Because it uses the power of the disapproving mum to sell violent video games.

Who knows if these are real mums being really disgusted by the notion of a game that essentially requires you to dismember your enemies and features vomiting deaths and exploding faux babies? Who cares?

Instead of worrying about the fact checking of a viral campaign, sit back and enjoy this little half-minute montage we created showing mums not at all impressed with my favourite hobby.


    Niceness.. Mwahahaha!

    Bugger me, this is pathetic. Just so pathetic. U r cool guys, so cool ur games shock your mum! Add me on the PSN!!

    Take a look in the mirror lads.

    Yellow eyeliner? She deserves to be shot ... into space.

    That black chick looked like she was having a great time!

    I recently watched one where the mother was absolutely cacking herself shouting comments like "haha, he lost his head" and the like. Can't find the source though.

    Brilliant? Hardly.

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