Vintage Gaming Collection Washed Away In Aussie Floods

Over the past week, large areas of Australia's eastern seaboard were ravaged by floods. Billions of dollars worth of damage was been done, and sitting quietly amidst that tally is this man's retro gaming hardware collection.

Aussie collector NFG's house in Queensland was among those affected, flood waters getting into his home and destroying many of his personal belongings. Among those belongings was an amazing collection of retro gaming hardware, once a glittering array of the medium's past, now a worthless pile of mud-soaked plastic and chipboards (and rare Nintendo hanafuda cards).

PC-Engines, old Sega consoles, Neo Geos, Spectrums, FM Town Martys, old Nintendo Game & Watch handhelds... all gone. You can check out the damage in the gallery below.

The floods so far have cost 20 lives, with grave fears for dozens more still reported missing. To give you an idea of the scale of the disaster, late last week the total area of the state of Queensland lying underwater was larger than Germany and France put together.

[Gallery @ NFG]


    Thats heart renching, most of them will never be replaced.

    omg.. that sucks...

    My condolences, NFG. That was horrible to see, and the collection wasn't even mine. Best of luck for recouping the losses.

    As much as it sucks, at least he didn't be a fool and die trying to save them. At least he can clean 'em up and display them still...

    The NES will still work ill bet:P

    poor guy he probably spent years collecting all that stuff that really sucks.

    Yeah coz the consoles and games are more important than the "The floods so far have cost 20 lives" part.
    Clap, Clap, Community.

      You fool, this is not the place or the subject to be throwing low blows. Have some decency.

      Hey why even care about those 20 people when we could instead mourn the millions killed in WWII? Or the complete destruction of a far away star and it's effected planets.

      Seriously dude, devaluing one tragedy for another is endless futility.

      Low blow.

    I so hope that all of that hasn't been just chucked in a skip, 'cos I think with a clean water wash, copious amounts of isopropyl and a decent period of drying. A fair number of those rarity's could be saved.

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