Want To Play All The Incredible Games From Game Jam?

So did any of you guys manage to head out to Game Jam this weekend? I had an incredible experience hanging out with the Sydney Game Jammers on the Friday, watching them start development, then heading in on Sunday to see the finished products. I was completely blown away by the end results - and now, thanks to the organisers, you can actually download and play all the games online.

If you head to the Global Game Jam website you can check out every single Game Jam made worldwide, but you can also filter your selections and only view the games created in Australia.

There were so many incredible games displayed across Australia, and the fact they were all created in a 48 hour time period is nothing short of remarkable. We recommend you check out 'Press 3 To Breed' which won best game in Sydney, but if you have time, we totally recommend browsing and having a bash at all of them.

We'll be writing a full report on our Game Jam experience, so stay tuned for that.

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    I really wanted to see this on Sunday, however my Saturday night ended up seriously debilitating me on the Sunday.

    I plan on making it next year, hopefully with the skills to join in on the game making :)

    Mad-keen to see what you've got on this - unfortunately it was just too hot yesterday for me to get out there. :/

    Yeah I really need to get myself some time to attend these things, but actually writing my thesis takes up a lot of time, so I take what down-time I have.

    My team won 'Best Game' and 'Participants' Choice' awards at Melbourne's IGDAM Game Jam. =D


    The quality of the games created at the Melbourne jam was pretty amazing. I'd recommend checking out Floodlight and Last Flight of the Bumblebee (the latter especially if you like Cave shmups!).

    I ran the Auckland, New Zealand Game Jam. My personal favourite was 'Noah More Heroes'. It's Noah's Ark + Minecraft + Pirates + 'Chuck Norris' Noah.


    The other NZ games can be found here: www.playmaker.org.nz/gamejam

    Hey guys, I was one of the Programmers on "Press 3 to Breed", would love everyone to check it out and give feedback on what you think!

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