Watch A Grown-Ass Man Losing His Mind Playing NBA 2K11

Remember our foul-mouthed Street Fighter IV friend? Anything he can do, our NBA 2K11 player can do better. Both spew words of the F- MF- (and N-) variety, but our hoopster does it to DMX. Bitch, eat that. Ho. NSFW.

The first 90 seconds are mostly random profanity, insults of Ron Artest’s manhood and LeBron James’ talents. He can’t buy a goddamn three around here, motherfuckers! He’s even begging for Kobe Bryant to block a shot (Kobe averages 0.5 blocks per game, for his career).

Then the DMX comes on and the cray-cray comes out. Our baller’s ready to come to blows at the end of it all. The title implies this guy is a basketball coach? Challenging his son to a fight?

Went Mayhamm: Basketball Coach Shows His True colours & Spazzes Playing NBA 2k11 With His Son! [World Star Hip Hop thanks SahBaun]

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