Watch Music Unlimited Stream Your Music Collection To A PS3

Despite going digital, music remains oddly attached to the devices used to buy it. Sony hopes to change that with the advent of Music Unlimited, a service that can stream your music to a variety of devices including the PS3.

Here's a quick look at Qriocity's Music Unlimited on the PlayStation 3. The music is pulled from your own collection, which is streamed to a cloud, allowing your to access it in a plethora of places with the service. On the PlayStation 3 you can even rate the songs and search for similar music.

One thing you can't do, at least yet, is listen to the music as you play a game.


    Does it all have to be purchased through their system, though? Apple has a bit of a head start on that.

    Aside from the uploading to a cloud thing, how is this any different to the current media server programs available at the moment? Even then, if your internet quota is sufficient, and/or you don't go overboard with the data streaming, you can send data through the net anyway. Makes the whole thing seem kinda pointless, doesn't it?

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