What A Battle Between 1000 Orcs Looks Like In World Of Warcraft

When a thousand freshly made Orcs - all on an even Level 1 playing field - get together for a scuffle in World of Warcraft it looks something like this, like well-organised chaos.

This (forgive me) epic battle at the Gurubashi Arena in Stranglethorn Vale is thankfully sped up to the point where the Orc swarm looks not unlike a green ant colony gone wild. See how many Orcs fit on a zeppelin and what a thousand man free for all looks like, if you've got the minutes to spare.


    The trek to get there was quite epic, thought the actual fight really was just chaos. Would have been cool if they could have done 2 teams and just rushed at each other like real armies.

    It would have been nice if there wasn't that one level skull (85?) in the arena taking everyone out

    Pretty damn terrible, long ass walk followed by every single one standing still.

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