What Are You Playing This Weekend

What's happening folks? It's first proper weekend of the year, and my plan is slip into ye olde comfy pants and play vidja games all weekend. Most probably I'll sink some time into LBP 2. Yes, envy me. Or I'll end up playing a whole lot of Halo: Reach again - but what about you guys? What's the plan for the weekend?


    "Most probably I’ll sink some time into LBP 2. Yes, envy me."

    I will. Seeing as my weekend will be LBP2-less, I'll probably be starting Mass Effect and Limbo. And maybe purchase ilomilo.

      Mass Effect is a bit boring at the start, but stick with it and you'll find it's incredible. It took me a few goes to get into it, but now I've done 2 play throughs and I'm keen to do it again!

        I agree with Mass Effect being a tad boring at the start. But it is well worth spending a bit of time with. I finished the first one last weekend and will keep digging in Mass Effect 2 this weekend.

        I'm loving it.

      Played some Ilomilo last night... it's just about the cutest thing ever.

    Time to catch up on some PSP games, mainly Jeanne d'Arc which is pretty good.

    I'll be playing "set up young Master Thistler's first birthday". The actual plan is to make sure he's exhausted so I can get back into RDR in the evening. That and a bit more minecrafting or I'll try a magic game that welbot sent me a link to.

      That's exactly what I'll be doing - first birthday for the little one followed by some RDR - though I don't expect my bub will be tired by the evenening as she's in some sort of NEVER ENDING ENERGY phase that I hope she grows out of soon.

        2nd birthday for my son but same here. I just finished rdr undead. I have 100% on the retail game so considering going for it with the DLC. Have about 70% now but worried it will get a little grindy

    I finally finished ACB so i'm torn between Dragon Age and New Vegas, either way i know that's my weekend gone :)
    Also got NBA Jam on release and have played it twice and only multi so might give some of the single challenges a go.

      I will also be setting alarms in my phone so i can get up at 3AM to check on my city and assign more actions in M&M. Damn you Welbot!!! :D

    gonna finish up bayonette picked it up for like $15 already believe worth it and then some

    Probably Deus Ex (I forgot how awesome the music was in this game!) or Fallout: New Vegas.. Maybe even Battlefield BC2: Vietnam or some Serious Sam HD depending on whether anyone else is around to join in..

    ..Or there is always the other 30 odd steam games I bought that I could start.. damn the sales!

      The only thing thats aged badly about Deus Ex is the visuals. Have to agree about the music too, its still good despite being that wierd unreal engine midi style.

        Yeah.. it makes you appreciate how far things have come.. even if stuff doesn't look absolutely real, its a lot better than it was..

        I actually put the 'holy trinity' mods on it to upgrade the visuals a bit.. took A LOT of mucking around but its a bit better... esp in 1920x1080!

        The other thing it lacks is auto save, I forgot about that and got A LONG way in, then died, and realised I had to start over :(

          Don't suppose you could tell me what those good mods are?
          Just bought it on the steam sales and I want to make it shiny.

      Glad to know I'm not the only victim of the sales. Still have games from the Christmas 2009 sale that I haven't started yet.

      S of course I didn't by anything this year. Except that, can't go past a 86% of daily sale, and might as well pick that up as well, oh look there.........

      On topic: Probably a bit more DOW II and likely some lara croft with the wife. We might even start blue toad murder files

      Got the soundtrack on my itunes playlist.

    Red Dead Redemption - got it for Xmas and have been really impressed. Not a fan of the 'wild-west' but this has me converted.

    I'm in games I started years ago but never finished and it's been bothering me ever since mode.

    Last weekend, Deus Ex: Invisible War.
    This weekend, Arx Fatalis.

    Hopefully (providing I get my new tv) I'll be playing BC2: Vietnam

      Which tele are you going with?

    um nothing special just the usual Nba:2k11, Blops and NFS:HP

    Mirrors Edge and Bad Company 2 vietnam on ps3.

    I wish they made another shooter or game with the first person mechanics from mirrors edge, its just so involving when you get on a roll.

      Mirror's Edge 2 is confirmed to be in development by EA. I loved the original, so I'm looking forward to it. The parkour was heaps of fun, and was also challenging. Enjoyed being able to discover new ways around obstacles. It really was a unique game.

        It's very immersive, It's still in my rotation - but it can also be frustrating when you're stuck without a clue where to go next (the Hint button is pretty vague IMO)

    I picked up NWN Diamond edition and NWN2 Platinum edition this week for a total of $20.

    Somehow I think I'm going to be set for a while, already found a persistent world module of Baldurs Gate (Baldurs Gate the Sword Coast Chronicles) for NWN2 and it's got me pretty hooked.

    Other then that might mix it up with some Heroes of Newerth and a little Diablo 2.

    20 more Baal runs for 90 =/

    I'm about 80% of the way through my crushing playthrough of Uncharted 2 and it's the last trophy I need to earn the platinum.

    I'm on a shoot tomorrow and then back to Fable III. I think I was wrong to hate Fable all these years, it's actually not bad...

    I just with my first playthrough of Demon's Souls and am a bit RPG'd out. I think i'll try a shooter next.

    Got a bunch of people coming over tomorrow, so probably bust out the multiplayer games.
    Stuff like Gears 2, CoD4 and anything sporty/racy.

    I would have liked to play some more Mass effect.. maybe sunday if i'm lucky lol

    Starcraft 2... Still.

    And probably some Metro 2033, got it for christmas and I'm really enjoying it.

    ME2 (ultra paragon playthrough)
    Ilomilo, Meatboy (still stuck in the hospital)
    Limbo (I'm really not enjoying this anymore)

    I might get into some dance central and Kinect adventures too, maybe.

      Are you stuck?


        In a job that eats up all of my free time... and having to learn about 30 tunes for the Edinburgh Tattoo.

        Limbo is just... it's just lack of motivation.
        SMB is more like finding the time to keep throwing myself at the same levels... I had to give it up the othernight beacuse my hand started locking up. I like that you can skip levels though. It's more about pattern memory... which takes time. Fortunatly it's fast on the reloads.

      I got bored with Limbo pretty quickly too. I played through it though knowing it was short. Some of the puzzles are fun, some were just tedious. I think I just like my games to have a bit more action.

        I never bothered to unlock the demo because the mechanics seem so basic (Jump and Grab) I don't mind if a game is short (frankly most games are too long for a working stiff like me and the pile of shame piles up!) but I like my 2D platformers to at least have spring in their step. It's embarrassing that critics are obsessed with a game whose only real innovation is graphic deaths when far superior 2D platformers like splosion man and N+ IMO leave it for dead.

    COD Black Ops (Zombies), GT5, Donkey Kong Wii and might finish off with a round of Buzz with 4 of the hottest girls you've seen....Chicks love trivia then bed...and me :)

      Mate, you're living the dream. Oh wait, it IS a dream. ;)

      Deek - if it's a dream then me and Chartsy have some sort of Inception shenanigans happening.

      Woodze - I'll see what I can do tonight.

      Chartsy - see you at 2030. thunder up!

    my weekend shall be filled with might and magic heroes kingdoms, serious sam hd, meatboy, and maybe civ 5 if the wife wants to try it out.. otherwise maybe 3d dot game hero

    Saints Row 2. It's what GTA IV should have been :)

    Dawn of War: Dark Crusade for me!

    Me and a couple of friends rediscovered it recently, have been hooked (again) since :P

    well, me and my friends got the complete GTA IV pack for PC, so i see many multi-player shenanigans in that, i still have to pass uncharted 2, and might play some little big planet in prep for 2 :)

    Ahh my weekend shall be filled with refining my Business Environment Report before I submit it, unless I can find some time to squeeze in a bit of gaming, then probably some Sly

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