What Are You Playing This Weekend?

This weekend will probably be an utter washout games-wise for me, as another in my wife's seemingly endless line of relatives is visiting Sydney. Which means we're doing the circuit. Sydney-siders will be well aware of the circuit: Sydney Opera House, Manly, the Zoo, etc, etc. But enough about me - what are you guys playing this weekend?

We're still in that 'Dead Space' between Christmas and proper 2011 - LittleBigPlanet 2 and DC Universe come out next week, and Dead Space 2 the week after - so it's really backlog time for me. If I get a spare minute I was thinking about possibly bashing through Bayonetta again, or trying to 100% Super Meat Boy. Is it worth finishing Darksiders? I started this but got distracted by Mass Effect 2.

Anyway - let us know about your gaming/non-gaming weekend plans below!


    Probably just Might and Magic...

    ...Yes, I mean the web version...

    ...God I'm nerdy xD


      Also, Tattlotto Vs Capcom arrived from the UK yesterday, so i'm REALLY keen to give that a bash tonight.

      If i get time i'm going to play some more Mass Effect, but i also might concentrate on some new tees.

      I might have to rename it the "Bulletstorm Fund" lol

        Very keen to hear opinions on Campcom vs Birdmen, will make or break decision on Wii purchase......

    thinking of finishing off my first run of bayonetta. possibly halo: reach campaign

    FF 13!
    Still (mostly) enjoying it!

      hey bish how far into it are you im around 15 hours in?

      Visually, FF13 was stunning, and I enjoyed the story. The combat wasn't so bad at first (even though you pretty much had to use the auto-battle option because you couldn't keep up on manual...), but after more than 40 hours of it it became super tedious. At the end, I was glad to be done with the game, which isn't a feeling I particularly want to have about a game.

        Yeah, I can see that happening. (Also in response to Affy), I'm roaming around in Gran Pulse in Chapter 11, 'bout 25 hours in, and I think I'm starting to get some battle fatigue. I do like that it's fast paced and that you can adjust strategy on the fly, but Auto-Battle feels too much like cruise control or "Press X to Win" sometimes.
        I usually try supplement long RPGs with something more actiony (for balance), so if my like of FF13 starts to go in a steep decline over the weekend, I'll probably play Call of Pripyat or something else on my Christmas-sale-bloated Steam list. I've had the "glad it's over" feeling, and yeah, it's never a good thing to have.

          *****checks to see if Jimu is watching****
          I quit out of pure frustration about 20 hours in, some of you ALMOST* make it seem worth getting back into.....

          *@ Jimu i said ALMOST

            He still hasn't shown up!
            I can only conclude that his silence actually means he has finally accepted FF 13 as a game with its own merits!
            *goes into hiding*

    Time to start Mass Effect I think. I started it last week, as a Vanguard, but that means only shotguns and pistols. So then, near the start when i had to jump on the train and stop the explosions, there was this bit where I'm stuck. I can cross the bridge, because the sniper will kill me, without fail, and I can't snipe, and they hide behind a shield so i can't hit them with my pistol. :(

      No abilities as a Vanguard you could use? That early on I'm not sure what you would have, though isn't there a shotgun ability that will knock enemies over. I think it has pretty good range on it too, might be able to hit the sniper and get to cover.

      Otherwise you can just spam with the pistol until you hit them enough times to kill them. You can also destroy shields this way.

        I think all I have is throw, which doesn't quite do much when it hits them, 'cos they're so far away. Doesn't really matter though, I normally like to snipe when I play shooters, don't know why I listened to my friends who insisted that Vanguard is the bestest thing ever.

          Equip Ashley with a sniper rifle.

          Just because you cannot add points to it doesn't mean you cannot carry it right?
          Arm yourself with a sniper rifle or an AR and spray and prey.

          Or, you're early enough in to restart as a soldier.

            I have a sniper, but no reticule, nor can I zoom in. I think I'll try it again. If I can't do it after about an hour, I'll try another class. Maybe infiltrator? Also, Ashley is equipped with the Sniper, but she just hides behind the box and does nothing.

              My first playthrough I went the half engineer half biotic class, I usually like a more support character rather than a tank. The sniper rifle class in ME2 is very useful as you can get some high damage with headshots though I'm not sure how good it is in ME1, I didn't use it much.

              In the end you can use just about any gun with a couple of good upgrades, even the pistol, especially if you take along some teammates who have good weapons, ie Garrus/Ashela with assault rifle or Wrex with shotgun.

              Personally I think towards the end of the game the biotics are probably the most powerful. Throw will kill, or almost kill 1 enemy and at least knock them to the ground for a few seconds. Stasis freezes an enemy for a few seconds, you can't hurt them but it really helps to take a strong enemy out of the fight while you clean up some of the weaker ones. Barrier used with some +shield mods on your armour and you will have a LOT of shields protecting you.

              Then lift and singularity, my favourites. Either one of these can effect an entire room of enemies, lift lifting them into the air so you can shoot them, usually killing them before they hit the ground; and singularity by throwing them around the room and doing damage to them. Both are great crowd control.

              I would suggest always taking a biotic with you, if you aren't one, and always taking someone with an assault rifle, if you dont have one.

                Yeah, Ash kinda blows with the Sniper Rifle. If you need a sniper you really need Garrus (or Thane in the sequel) to get any sort of decent result.

                And Vanguards are fun - but not the easiest to start with ;)

      Never had a problem on that bridge. Runing across generally gets you there with downed shields and damaged health. Use medigel as soon as you are hit by the first sniper shot. Another way is to try to upgrade the shotgun with Carnage ability and line up the nearest sniper.

    Probably be playing hacked version of pokemon. I'm actually trying to make my own. Just need ideas and learn how to code i'n c++.

      int c++knowledge = 0
      const string website = "www.learncpp.com";
      const string book = "Learn c++ by making games";

      void learningmaterials()
      cout << "Go here " << website << "or read this " << book << endl;

      if (c++knowledge == 0)

        I am disappoint welbot.

        There is no header file, no using namespace std., no #include , no int main() and return 1 to make it quit, no constructor.

          and it seems Kotaku swallowed 'iostream' for som reason.

          haha sorry.. i had just woken up.. it's been years since i did c++.. recently i've been working on c# aswell, which might have confused the issue. it was only supposed to be funny, not nescessarily a real program ;)


        int c++knowledge = 0;
        const string website = “www.learncpp.com”;
        const string book = “Learn c++ by making games”;

        void learningmaterials()
        cout << "Go here " << website << "or read this " << book << endl;

        int getCPlusPlusKnowledge(){
        cout << "How well do you know C++ on a scale from 1 to 10?"<> c++knowledge;
        return c++knowledge;

        c++knowledge = getCPlusPlusKnowledge();
        if (c++knowledge == 0)

        Never assume nothing! My programming lecturer taught me that! xD

          flip! It's meant to read:

          cout << "How well do you know C++ on a scale from 1 to 10?"<> c++knowledge;

            public class CSharp : Language
            private int motivation = 100;
            private int productivity = 1000;

            public CSharp(){}

            public AnnoyedWithCPlusPlus(Language cPlusPlus)
            cPlusPlus.motivation = 0;

            public Learn()
            motivation += 100;
            productivity += 100;

          Ooh, ooh, this is a fun game, let's play it all weekend!
          Some have been mentioned already, but:
          - c++knowledge is not a valid identifier!!
          - no includes for iostream and string
          - no "using namespace", alternatively no std:: namespace on cout, cin, endl, string, etc.
          - I'm going to assume that you have a cin with two greater thans to populate the knowledge value.
          - you should really have a space in the string "or go here "

          Fix all that and it actually compiles :)

            i did have a space in the "or read this "
            haha but seriously, it was just a joke.. i'm not a code god.. i learned c++ in 2000, and i haven't used it since ;)

    I'll be playing "Holy crap I'm leaving the country in a week and I'm nowhere near organised".
    This game will be full of panic and have headless chickens running around bumping into stuff.

      sounds like a real action adventure with a little bit or role playing involved.. intresting

      That sounds pretty good. How's the online?

        I usually play games solo but this one I have to play co-op with my husband, guess we'll soon see how well I play with others.

          Be careful, gaming with spouses often leads to fights, or at least it has for me

      Where are you heading to, Strange?

        I'm heading to the US. Not really somewhere I ever planned to go but couldn't resist this:

        A floating heavy metal festival with 40 bands? There was no way we were going to miss out.
        So that is how we're ending up in America instead of Europe for our belated honeymoon.

          Daaaaaaaamn! I am so jealous.

          And you are going there for your honeymoon? That is so awesome.

      Anytime I have to pack, I find I always do it on the day/night before. Chuck some clothes in, med kit, water bottles, toiletries, sleeping bag, done.

        I second the medkit.

          Just make sure it doesn't have any sharp objects in it. Those will get you banned from playing.

      I hear the loading times on that are stupidly long.

    Hmm don't know. I started Settlers 7, but am getting a little bored with it. I'm playing through Machinarium in the spare time.

    Probably a little Black Ops, and then pick something out of the pile of shame like Amnesia or Darksiders.

    Also got Fable 3 staring at me.

    having beaten tristosterones time in crash course, I might have a bash at taking out Jimu! only one more second quicker! I can do it!! ahahhaa other than that.. might and magic, prolly a bit of civ 5.

      I hate that i started this comp and I suck at it. You guys are all killing me. I might have another crack at it tonight.

      I will do a wrap up in next weeks TAY then see if we want to do it again? Look forward to bragging for the winner (batguy) and excuses from the rest of us.

    Just started up my own Minecraft server for a couple of friends to play on. We've been playing for a couple of days and I have to say it's a lot of fun. Though they keep begging me to give them stuff as I'm admin.

    Using Simple Server Wrapper but can't seem to get the Warp mod or Day/Night mod to work, which I believe is due to the API needing to be updated.. or the mods needing to be updated for the API. I'm not sure, for now we're just making castles.

    I've also been having some fun with making farms, something I never did in single player. You can make a large maze out of cacti quite quickly and watch creeps die in it.

    Darksiders is good, wasn't a GoTY contender but I had a lot of fun with it. I heard it being compared to Zelda a lot and while it borrows mechanics from a number of other games it never really feels like a cheap clone.

    Enjoyed it more than I thought I would and, in fact, I can hardly wait for Darksiders 2.

    That being said, I'm living on a diet of Eternal Sonata, Lost Odyssey, Mass Effect 2 and Dead Space this weekend... should be good.

      It'll be a long wait for Darksiders 2 (2012 at the earliest) - they didn't expect it to sell as well as it did, and so they hadn't started making a sequel until well after the first one was on sale.

    Super Meat Boy. Need to get the remaining 20% dark world and set aside a few hours straight to unlock The Kid. So close to completion, those last parts will be easy right?

    And maybe taking a break with some Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood when it all gets too soul crushing.

    Try and finish up Mafia 2. Then a mix between SSFIV and Black Ops Single Player Campaign.

    I picked up some $5 original Xbox games from EB: Shenmue II, LOTR:ROTK, GTA:SA, and LOTR:TA.

    Will be working my way down Memory Lane this weekend.

    I finally finished Company of Heroes last night, my last save where I got stuck was May, 2009. I got there in the end, but I still have the two expansion packs.

    I am trying out CitiesXL 2011.

    I might get around to actually finishing a run through New Vegas.....

    Failing that, I'll probably just be screwing around in Just Cause 2.

    Fallout: New Vegas.. and some more Deus Ex! Haven't had time to play anything this week :(

    Probably will be playing some hot pursuit online for PC if I can find anyone playing it.

    After finding out I need jaw re-alignment surgery to prevent my back teeth from wearing down, I feelt the need to do surgery on Oblivion.

    I've spent the last 2 afternoons modding it to high hell, and I finished it last night. FCOM running, Deadly Reflex, total texture replacers, tweaked all the NPC's, etc. So I'll probably be playing that all weekend. Maybe some Grand Theft Auto as well, as seeing the cars without friction video got me interested again.

    I've really got to finish Darksiders... I'll probably hit up a guide online and power through it.

    Also on the list is AC2, ME2, Monday Night Combat, SMB, World of Keflings, Alan Wake and Crash Course on XBLA.

    Still have yard work and pipe practice to do as well.

    Maybe some Dance Central too.

    I'd like to compare circuits...

    Normally for me it would include

    Bondi, Opera House, Opal shopping in the rocks, Bulli Pass, Kiama blow hole, the blue mountains and all of the bush walks and antique shops you could stomach. Recent trips have added Darling harbour, king st wharf, the aquarium and wild life park...

    I don't see any gaming opportunities.. at any of the above BUT if you can convince them of China Town, then you can play some stacker at least at Market City, and if you do Centrepoint, then you could get off at Town hall and drop by Galaxy World.

    Just started Just Cause 2. Pretty fun!

    I've got some DLC from DA:O to play through, but after 75 hrs on the main game I'm feeling a little burnt out.

    Playing International Drink A Carton Day on Sat. Then will hit up some hangover on sunday

    Not sure actually. I have finished undead nightmare so not really sure what i want to do next. I am thinking of getting back into fallout NV a i stopped playing it for a while. Other than that, still trying to take 3rd Aussie place in Trials HD.

    Perhaps go back and just get the level cap in dead rising (47>50) and finish Alan wake that has been sitting there for ages... or just rebuild my PC and do no gaming at all???

    will be finishing uncharted 2, then probably some more monday night combat on PC, and then the usual team fortress/ counter strike or any other valve game :P

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