What Are You Playing This Weekend?

This weekend should be all about Dead Space 2, I say 'should' because a certain Kotaku member has gotten me back into an accursed game that I thought I had given up on a long time ago. Sadly, he's dragged me all the way back in and I fear my entire weekend will be spent on this game.

I'm talking, of course, about FatShady and bloody Trials HD! He was kind enough to create a guide video for me, so I could get through the final level, but now I'm obessed with getting gold medals on every track. Curse you FatShady! CURSE YOU!

But what about you guys? What are the plans for you guys this weekend? Mass Effect 2 came out on the PS3 this week - any Mass Effect virgins about to partake in their first Shepard experience? Anyone pick up Dead Space 2? Let us know in the comments below.


    I wanted to spend it on Dead Space 2 and Trials, but Dead Space won't turn up before Monday and Gamecard seem to be having some issues and I haven't got my points to buy Trials yet...

    ...so I'll spend my time wallowing in self pity; maybe burn down a few houses in Minecraft... :/

      I started up a minecraft server to play with some friends. One of my mates saw it and so bought the game to play with us, he's still new to it but has made a giant complex tower out of wood.


        Do it! Do it! :D :D :D
        Just tell him "Braycen told me to do it" :P
        Or wait, maybe don't...

          "i don't want to set the world on fire
          I just want to start, a flame in your heart..."
          (if your heart was a digital wooden building...?)

    Sinking some more time into Mass Effect and Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood. If there's any time left over then maybe a little time on Limbo or Forza3.

    I could finally get around to installing Civ V...

    ...or I could continue being a productive human being.

      Haha don't worry, Civ V won't hold your attention for too long, at least compared to other Civs.

      Only spent 29 hours before getting completely bored D=

    It's my birthday this weekend! So I'm securing some gaming time as a present and chipping away at RDR and might play through Dead Space 1 Sunday night so I'm ready for number 2. I need to be ready for number 2s to play Dead Space, right? ... Depends I guess. (sorry, so so tired)

      Happy birthday for the weekend!

    LBP2 user created levels and some Minecraft with friends. A friend and I have designed and almost completed building a 50x50 Coliseum. It's quite epic.

    Will be heading out to the Zoo I believe, so that will be a bit of fun...

    Gaming wise, will be playing through Little Big Planet 2... Upto the final world, been playing it off and on with the girlfriend in co-op mode and it's been a stack of fun.

    We'll probably be prize bubble/goodies hunting over the weekend and roping in some more friends for the 3x and 4x player areas. If there is time after that, will go back and start looking to Ace all the levels (which don't seem as hard this time around so far).

    My Dead Space 2 is in the US so I won't be playing till next week. :(

    On the upside, it gives me some time to explore all the game breaking glitches in Mass Effect 2 on the PS3.

    So far I'm digging all the out of sync dialogue.

    Looks liek Nier at this moment

      How is Nier? I played the prologue but turned it off till I could give it my undevided attention.

        Nier is a long grind to platinum/get all the achievements as it takes 4 playthroughs, but an enjoyable game to play through once or twice :)

        Interesting story and characters.

        Nier is good fun once it gets going. The music is amazing. Story is decent but I haven't finished soooo...

        Pokes fun at a lot of Genre cliches, there are a tonne of quests available, but they award you with pointless stuff.
        There is even a scene making fun of Zelda.
        The gameplay will change to suit certain parts sometimes like old Resi Evils and sometimes it goes to the old isometric view of RPGs of old.

        Theres a lot more going on than the majority have given it credit for.

    I am going to restart Dead Space 2 as my first attempt was combined with a conversation about ones day and dinner being cooked in the background. Not quite the atmosphere I was looking for.

    It's Double XP Weekend in City of Heroes, so my plan to spend less time on the PC and catch up on all those console games I've been missing out on is getting delayed again...

    I'm moving out of home so I doubt I'll be able to do any gaming, If I was I'd be playing dead space 2 and picked up lbp2 last as well on a splurge :p

    beach, shoot some hoops then start NBA 2k11 along with splinter cell conviction run through seems like some fun.. with left over time maybe some more mass effect

    Going to clock up a few WoW hours I think.

    The majority of my time will be spent reading, after about a 6 month break I picked up Phantom (the second last book in the Sword of Truth series by Terry Goodkind) and knocked it off over the weekend + Australia day holiday and now I'm adamant that this weekend will see me finish Confessor.

    I've had a good 20+ recommendations for series to go onto, and I've been tempted, but I refuse to move on before I finish what I started some 2 years ago.

    just so everyone knows apparently Live Gold is free this weekend

    obviously US weekend so probably saturday night to monday morning

    if we have it as well as the US that is, mark?

    Dead Space 2. I'll try and do something productive during the day then save the nights for playing, with the lights off and the sound up, the way that Dead Space was meant to be played.

    My evil plan has worked (Insert evil laughter here) *rubs hands together*

    I have to pay more attention to the tags also.. I love the manbike one!

    Here it is if you haven't seen it. My son talking about Trials HD.

    Not sure what i will be paying. I have actually been getting into Colin McRae DIRT again for some reason. It was actually a really good rally game.

    I also spent about an hour or so on Battlefield 1943. I have never really played shooters so i picked this up for 600 points last week adn i am enjoying it. Just need some friends to play with..

    Other than that, I am playing a bit of minecraft and will have another crack at a Kotaku Custom Trials HD map and I will save this one.

    Can't pick up my Dead Space 2 CE until next week so I'll probably keep banging away at Dragon Age.

    Might try to finish Bionic Commando: Rearmed if I have the time.

    I be a ME2 virgin (well besides the demo I played from the PSN). I intend to spend all my weekend playing that :)

    well around parties.. Little Big Planet 2 and Fallout: NV.. or whatever works to distract me from the fact I'm turning 30 on Sunday!.. maybe i'll just be drinking instead!

    I want to play Dead Space 2 but I can't seem to stop playing DC Universe!

    I am a ME virgin. I sunk a couple of hours in it last night. (it was too late and scary to start Dead Space 2)I will be playing ME2 all weekend. from my early impressions the graphics are unbelievable and the story is so huge its just radiating awesome!

    Mr Explody! I got zee package today!! Thankyou kindly sire!!

      errr whoops.. that was meant for TAY.. oh wells..

      This weekend i'll be playing build a new pc for a customer! w00t! Also a little bit of dragon age i hope.. definitly M&M of course.. maybe throw in a bit of wii fit plus which littleJJ is currently addidcted to ;)

    Ill be playing waverace on my n64! Please nintendo, bring out a new waverace for the 3ds!

      Hells yeah! I picked up Banjo Kazooie in a bargain bin for $3, so maybe I'll play that. N64!

        Banjo on 64 was a totally awesome game! I spent so many hours playing that!! Really makes me wish I still had it cos now I wanna play it again!!!

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