What Could Possibly Go Wrong With This Glasses-Free 3D Solution ...

This video is comprised of: English in a French accent, 38 seconds; what the hell is he putting on his face, 22 seconds; and HOLY GOD STOP DOING THAT TO YOUR EYES, 55 seconds.

Fran├žois Vogel, an innovative filmmaker and visual artist, here demonstrates why you should never complain about 3D glasses again. Interesting, definitely zany to watch, but take this with a smile and a wink. About 97,000 of them.

Thanks to reader smi1ey for the tip.


    Psych ward patient on the loose with stolen electroshock therapy equipment and a camera. He was probably clean-shaven at the time of the getaway, and never had a french accent. Stop playing with the probes, man.

      This video and comment made me laugh so hard! Thanks for brightening my day :)

        I'm glad I brightened your day for you :D

    There's no words, really, to describe what I just saw.

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