What Could Possibly Go Wrong With This Glasses-Free 3D Solution ...

This video is comprised of: English in a French accent, 38 seconds; what the hell is he putting on his face, 22 seconds; and HOLY GOD STOP DOING THAT TO YOUR EYES, 55 seconds.

François Vogel, an innovative filmmaker and visual artist, here demonstrates why you should never complain about 3D glasses again. Interesting, definitely zany to watch, but take this with a smile and a wink. About 97,000 of them.

Thanks to reader smi1ey for the tip.


    Psych ward patient on the loose with stolen electroshock therapy equipment and a camera. He was probably clean-shaven at the time of the getaway, and never had a french accent. Stop playing with the probes, man.

      This video and comment made me laugh so hard! Thanks for brightening my day :)

        I'm glad I brightened your day for you :D

    There's no words, really, to describe what I just saw.

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