What Do You Think Of THQ's New Logo?

To be perfectly honest, I'm not sold. New logos always tend to look weird until you get used to them, but I just don't get this one.

“Our new logo epitomizes the change, innovation and creative growth that are the cornerstones of the new THQ,” claims Brian Farrell, THQ President and CEO. “By developing triple-A, innovative, original intellectual properties, attracting the top talent in the industry, and placing that talent first, THQ continues to redefine itself. This new logo seeks to capture that change and make it tangible.”

So... Triple A is represented by the 'T', innovation is represented by the fact that the 'h' is lower case and backwards and the Q? Well the Q is red for some reason - maybe originality.

I'm only kidding THQ - it's alright I guess.

What do you guys think?


    i dont mind it

    You mean the Table & Chair with the backwards question mark is a logo for a game company?

    Not a swedish furniture maker?

      +10 for this.

      What has been seen cannot be unseen :(

      I like this, but would add that the "Q" is clearly one of those twisty screws. Definitely more appropriate for DIY furniture than game devpt.

      That's what I saw as well. Except the Q looks like a drunk, red snail being sick....

      First think i though after looking at it...

      Table and Chair :D

    If you cross your eyes while looking at it you can see a 3D sailboat.

    Worst thing I've seen since Sci-Fi channel became SyFy. Sheeesh.

    I dont mind it.
    The old THQ logo was starting to look kinda dated, so its nice to see a refresh.

    I liked the old logo better, but I understand that companies need to refresh their image. It's not bad.

    The philosophy behind the new logo sounds like standard industry fare.

    Aesthetically, the 't' and 'h' look like tetris blocks that are just dying to be put together. That and the 'q' looks like an unfinished question mark (?)

    The q looks more like a backwards question mark, which makes me think that even THEY'RE not sure they like their logo

      Agree! Now everytime THQ does something questionable, we can use this.


    I don't mind it but the Q doesn't look enough like a Q.

    Aside from the sludge of marketing-speak (omg! innovation! creative growth!) that tries to justify it, I think it's just confusing. It's like they got every modern trope of looking 'modern' and 'unconventional' and smooshed them together.

    it looks like 8 bit and old, weird for a tech company.

    Serrels: "new things hurt my brain!"

    I dig it.

    it looks odd, and to me doesn't really look modern, looks like a logo I'd see before 2000. i don't like it.

    It's hideous.

    In fact, I predict a large number of people will stop buying THQ games because they don't want to see it on the splash screen... okay, probably not - but it could happen!

    Ehhh, slightly less offensive than the Rare logo change...

      I didn't even know they had changed their logo so I looked it up and argh just awful.

      Yeh Rare was a real step backwards. Their current logo looks like it's for a small web hosting company.

    I wonder what game make 'Chair' will think of that logo. THQ logo was awful so this is an improvement I guess but it just strikes me as a company trying way too hard to be 'cool'.

      I think the logo needed to change, don't like this that much though.

    I see a T, then an incomplete capital H (until 2 or 3 seconds later when I realise it's a backwards lower case h) then a lower case g or an S that's been cut off (yeh, I know it's supposed to be a Q but it sure as hell doesn't look like it). Yeh, I don't get it either.

    I kind of understand, they're got the old and the new (blocky and pixellated, smooth and curvey), but I don't mind it I guess.

    At the end of the day, a company's logo means a lot less than what the marketing department would've been paid to develop it...

    I don't mind it. It is tidy...

    People are pretty quick to hate on logos when they first come out as they are often presented in a way like this. On it's own, on a stark background.

    It is not until you start seeing the logo with the rest of the THQ brand, then it starts to make sense. Take the ANZ bank logo... when that came out, i hated it. Apart from looking like a logo I designed 5 years prior... it works really well across all of ANZ's suite of materials.

    Give it a chance people. You will learn to love it ;)

    I don't get the design principle behind it. It's got some style (albeit, not succinct) but there's no substance or drive behind it.

    The old one has definitely done its due. This is a suitable replacement! APPROVED print it!

    Does the stylised 'Q' represent THQ's profits after this logo refresh?

    That is horrible! First impression - toilet/bathroom company.

    but why is the toilet paper red....?

    Not bad, I like it much more than the original, although it looks like a furniture company

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