What Have You Been Up To On Australia Day?

Today is Australia day and I'm having a BBQ. I know. It's a dreadful cliche, but I love beef, and I've got some mad chicken marinade skills that I've been waiting to flex. I'm also just about to watch Andy Murray stomp all over what's-his-name in the Australian Open. It's going to be glorious. But what are you guys up to?

To be honest I'm going to be totally housebound, having totally done my leg in last night longboarding. That's the bad news. The good news is that I can get stuck into some more LittleBigPlanet. What's going on with you guys? Let us know in the comments below.


    Also having a bbq, and watching the cricket.

    I'm going to eat lamb
    You know it makes sense

      Lamb is the true king of meat.

        Pity I'm actually a vegetarian...

          Come to the dark side my son... we have bacon.

            But wait? What is that I smell? Soy-bean patties?
            YAAAAAAY!!!!!!!!!!!! :D :D :D

    Mates house for hottest 100, BBQ, pool and beers. Most likely going to end up playing GT5/black ops there as well. Should be interesting to see how alcohol and video game driving skills mix.

    i wish i was having a bbq :(

    i'll be having a low key one with bee - we'll probably be going for a nice picinic somewhere in g-town.

    Then home for some housework, shopping and hopefully some time to finish/start a couple new designs...

      Had any more luck? I chucked your page up on my twitter yesterday. Will chuck it up on kotaku facebook at some point.

        No luck at all so far, actually :(
        Thanks for doing that, though.

        I'm hoping the garrus one i'm working on will change things a bit :)

        All i can do is keep producing.

        It doesn't help the toctopus hasn't started the firt production run yet.

        Hopefully they will by the end of the week, otherwise i might just take it all to Redbubble...


        Thanks again, mate :)

    I'm getting my beer garden on.

    Have to drink my sorrows away after the Bad Company 2 servers were down all night last night. My mate even brought his PS3 around... dissapointment central.

    Off to the movies to see True Grit. Can't say no to a Coen brothers movie.

      Well keen for this movie. There's no way it can be bad.

      I'll hopefully get a chance to see True Grit in the not-too-distant future.

      But, I'm off to watch Black Swan with some friends today.

      I'm also looking forward to that one - i'm a big fan of Jeff Bridges

        The movie is brilliant, as is Jeff Bridges. But for me he will never be able to top his performance as The Dude :)

    Sitting here, playing computer games, having a day off from both my jobs.

    Day off, woo!

    I'll laze around the house, bbq something for lunch and maybe take a stroll down to the beach.

    Going to a twenty20 fundraiser. Between my local football team and a local cricket team. Dont know how my footy team is going to go but should be a good time. Good to see a close community even in the heart of Melbourne.

    uhh i believe its pronounced " 'straya day "

    Going to a mate to swim in his pool, bbq and drink it up. I love Australia day!

    Swapping the hard drive in my notebook, and somehow killed the notebook.
    #$%#@%@ it!

    Ironically, currently eating Japanese noodles and dumplings.
    This muggy western Sydney weather (expected to hit 41 degrees) is certainly not encouraging me to do anything but stay home with the AC.

      This muggy western Sydney weather (expected to hit 41 degrees) is certainly not encouraging me to do anything but stay home and wish I had AC.

    replaying dead space and the new dead space for iphone which is pretty good gotta love me some scares on Aussie day then family BBQ tonight then more dead space.... :0

    P.S Love what you doing mark regular reader for 3 years now I should post comments more :/ But your doing the goose proud :D

    Working. Did get to go to the local Australia Day ceremony, though.

    Very sadly, I work for Channel Nine, and news never sleeps... So I'm spending the best part of today in the Sydney news room until 8 tonight.

    No BBQ for me. But at least I get to watch the cricket on screens too large for my living room...

    Going to listen to the hottest 100, and probably spend the day complaining about all the songs. While watching Aus Open of course. Whats his face may just caus a little stir methinks, he played quite well against Soderling. Buuuut not a big enough stir to bring down Murray.

    Mark. I often enjoy your humorous, sometimes absurd, sometimes comical introductions. They draw me into the story with a curiosity - i guess you could say something like an unquenchable thirst?
    But today's introduction was very misleading.
    You accidentally described the possibility of a situation where Andy Murray vs. Alexandr Dolgopolov would conclude in some kind of positive outcome for one A. Murray.
    When An Alexandr Dolgopolov victory is the only rational and true conclusion.
    I trust you will make the appropriate amendments with the urgency and vigour I would reasonably expect at a time like this.
    So very awful it is that always our most glaring inaccuracies & misdeeds are also the most noticeable.
    May i recommended instead of watching Murray's defeat, you instead watch me watching Andy Murray's defeat:

      Wow. Truly I did chuckle.

      Murray's got this. He's got this!

    I'm heading to The Rocks for some music festival thing and maybe a beer or two or three or...

    I just woke up. I think I'll just sit in front of something cold all day.

    I did have a bqq planned but the rain messed with that idea, so now it's a roast and beers.

    I'm going to the annual southern cross counting festival aka bogan day out

    I'll be going into work for a few hours later... I'm going to be stuck in the garden until then though.

    Hottest 100 on the radio.
    Probably the Crysis2 beta, when I'm done at work.

    At girlfriend's house. She's discovering the joys of web surfing on the Wii. Her ineptitude at it is kinda cute, really...

    In the interest of tennis though, we might play EA Grand Slam Tennis so that I can kick her Federer ass with my Nadal.

    Been gaming my anger away since yesterday, seeing as someone decided it was a smart idea to steal my wallet

      What the hell - did you lose much dough?

        Nope, only had $30 cash in it. But it had all of my cards (Bank Key card, Staff Access Card, Student Card, Library Card, Drivers License, Public Transport Concession Card, Medicare Card, Library Card). That said, was gonna pick up Mass Effect 2 (PS3) for my brother as a birthday present tomorrow, guess that'll have to wait until the replacement bank card arrives

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