Whatever You Do, Keep Your 3DS Straight At All Times

The fancy no-glasses 3D tech Nintendo's latest handheld is packing comes with a few caveats, one of which is the fact you have to try and keep from having the thing shake while you're playing it.

Because the 3DS' effects are only workable if you're in a viewing "sweet spot", you've been reminded that any sudden movements can cause "issues" with its 3D effects. That warning, by the way, comes not from a sterile Nintendo legal document, but some Tweets from Kid Icarus director Masahiro Sakurai.

Keeping the unit steady may sound ridiculous, but it'll be a concern to people playing on public transport, especially buses. I remember when I used to catch the bus in Sydney and on a busy morning I'd have enough trouble hanging onto my DS at all, let alone keeping its screens still!

Kid Icarus Designer Suggests Steady Hands for 3DS [andriasang]


    Thankfully it is less of a warning and more like some general advice. If you are somewhere that will be difficult to keep the 3DS still, then turn the 3D slider down or off.

    Didn't they say that at E3?
    Also, because of the way it works, doesn't the distance from user need to be constant too... to meet the focal point?

      It's very uncomfortable when you lose the sweet spot, too. It really screws with your head and eyes, even if it's for a tiny amount of time.

      Still, it's worth it!

        I'm sorry, but I can't keep a straight face reading these comments. My immaturity is getting the best of me...

        That's what he said, anyone?

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