When Mods Are Banned For Being Jackasses

When Mods Are Banned For Being Jackasses

Here’s a tip, budding customer service representatives of the world: if you’re going to abuse your powers in a video game and treat your customers like dirt, don’t do it while you’re live-streaming the game.

An employee of Riot Games, operators of action RTS League of Legends (ironically, about to pioneer a new system aimed at curbing jerkish behaviour online), was live-streaming a match on his Justin.tv account last week when he was seen verbally abusing another player. As if that wasn’t enough, he then banned the target of his ire from the game.

Note that these weren’t your average “yo mama” taunts. The employee’s quips, with the handle PsyonicHero, was chock-full of obscenities and topped off with a racial slur.

With the matter having enraged players of the game, Riot Games took one look at the situation and promptly fired the employee, its Community Manager Steve Mescon writing:

Hello Summoners!

Over the weekend we were informed of an unfortunate incident where a Riot Games employee acted inappropriately during a game he was streaming. Riot employees are held to a high standard and after thorough review of the incident we have determined that the employee’s actions were both inappropriate and outside the confines of Riot Games internal policy. We take matters that impact our community extremely seriously and have since unbanned the account that was negatively impacted.

As a result of this unfortunate situation the employee in question is no longer with Riot Games. Additionally, we will be reviewing internal policy and training procedures to take steps to prevent such incidents from happening in the future.

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