When Street Fighters Go On A Gender Bender

French artist Bastien Vives has taken the cast of the Street Fighter series and reworked them. Most of them are now a different gender. Others are the same gender, they're just...looking at the world in a new way.

Guile, for example, is now a lady with a much more fashionable haircut. Dee Jay is also now a lady, and a terrifying one at that. Chun Li is now a dude who will give you nightmares, and Sagat, well, we hope he finds what he's looking for in his new career path.

Those with a memory for names may remember we've featured Bastien's work before. It, too, was about Street Fighter, though not quite as challenging to our traditional conceptions of the World Warriors.

There's a selection of the re-imagined fighters in this post, with the remainder

[comme quoi, via Geek Art]


    Guile is a winner, looks like a Peter Chung design.

    Not all are gender bending - Bison, Cammy... Just updated for Mardi Gras really.

    Cute, but a little forgettable, as they seem unthemed. Just different.

    Typical french style - and typically not to my taste.

    Ok Cammy looked pretty funny (go the 80's!).

    C. Viper looks Preety BADASS, i love cammy... and WTF with Chun li??

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